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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2008 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUE DOCUMENTS 1938 Caribou issues on Document - 10 black x(2), 25 green and $2.50 mustard x(2), lightly cancelled and tied to July 31, 1942 land conveyance document. (NFR26/31) F+ 70.00
2009 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUE DOCUMENTS 1898 Queen Victoria - 25 blue (pair) cancelled and tied to Sept 29, 1905 Writ of Summons document, soft file fold affects stamps, a scarce usage (NFR3) F-VF 70.00
2010 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUE DOCUMENTS 1942 Caribou Issue - 25 x(4), 50 and $1 lightly cancelled, tied to Oct 22, 1943 Supreme Court Document, stamps affected by file fold (NFR38-40). F+ 40.00
2011 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUE DOCUMENTS 1942 Caribou Issue - 10 x(6 but two are faulty), 50, $1 and $5 x(8), cancelled on Apr. 25, 1960 tied to Supreme Court document, an unusually large franking totalling $42.10 (NFR37/42) Photo (217K) F-VF 70.00
2012 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUE DOCUMENTS 1898 Inland Revenue QV Issue - 25 blue, 50 orange and $1 green x(6) Queen Victoria centrally cancelled on handwritten Sept. 23, 1902 document for a $2000 mortgage conveyance, some edge wear and minor faults, a rare and attractive franking (NFR3,4,6) Photo (96K) 200.00
2013 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUE DOCUMENTS 1898 Inland Revenue QV Issue - 25 blue (pair) on Sept. 21, 1903 Writ of Summons document, some minor soiling, file fold affects stamps, a scarce usage (NFR3) 60.00
2014 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUE DOCUMENTS KGV NFR23 $25 Pair on Conveyance Document - Dated May 23, 1935 bearing a well centered horizontal pair of the $25 salmon KGV Inland Revenue, perf 12, alongside nicely centered pair and single of 25c slate blue KGV, perf 11, all tied by purple handstamp cancel, with bright fresh colours. A fabulous franking, VF. 400.00
2015 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUE DOCUMENTS Revenues - 1907 Mortgage Document - Multi-page document with very rare combination franking with QV 5c carmine (rare on document), QV 10c brown (scarce) along with KEVII 25c single (plus another example affixed elsewhere on document) and $1 green pair. All revenue stamps tied/cancelled by Registrar of Deeds handstamp cancels. Overall ageing on stamps, nevertheless a very rare document. Photo (104K) 350.00
2016 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUE DOCUMENTS Revenues - 1914 Assignment Document - Two-page document showing a very scarce mixed-issue franking (KEVII & KGV issues) with vertical pair of the elusive $5 violet KEVII (very scarce pair on or off document) and KGV 25c dark blue (two pairs and a single), latter affixed on separate page. All stamps sensibly cancelled by small pen manuscript. A beautiful and very scarce usage on document. Photo (22K) 300.00
2017 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUE DOCUMENTS Newfoundland NFR14 rare usage of $50 KEVII on Document - Conveyance document dated June 16, 1921 bearing single $50 violet brown KEVII (NFR14) along with KGV Inland Revenues key value $20 yellow brown vertical pair (one creased) (NFR22) plus single 25c blue and $1 green (NFR18 & 20). A very rare and spectacular combination franking, F-VF (Van Dam $905+ for stamps alone). Photo (113K) 500.00
2018 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUE DOCUMENTS Caribou Mint Stock - Scott #118, 4 Violet Caribou Issue, 70 examples mostly in blocks, all fresh mint and VGF NH 125.00
2019 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUE DOCUMENTS Oneglia Engraved Pence Forgeries - Scott #11, 17 and 23: Three lovely forged pairs engraved many decades ago VF 75.00
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