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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2280 NEWFOUNDLAND Salmon Stamp - Small stamp with rouletted perforations, printed in green and inscribed "Newfoundland SALMON", with serial number in black plus blue overprint "1 LB. NET", a very scarce item, Photo (27K) NH 125.00
2281 NEWFOUNDLAND Starter Collection of Used Singles - Fifty different used Newfoundland stamps, mainly F-VF, a nice assortment from the 1880s to 1940s 40.00
2282 NEWFOUNDLAND 1800s Cents Issues Mint Assortment - Highly cataloguing lot including #24 (2), 27, 30, 31 (4), 32A (2), 44-45, 47-48, 54-55 (2), 56 (2), 58 (2), and 59, also a number of #60 showing various shades, plus blocks of four of #28 and #60, some without gum or heavily hinged, a valuable lot nevertheless with many useful lots, Photo (35K) Photo 2 (35K) Photo 3 (37K) 400.00
2283 NEWFOUNDLAND Private Airmail Stamps - Maritime and Newfoundland Airways, unused block of four plus a mint single in a different shade, Photo (39K) F-VF 60.00
2284 NEWFOUNDLAND Newfoundland: 1865/1894 - 30 issues including Scott #25 (tone spot), 27, 29-32A, 35-42 and 44-58. All are either mint hinged or unused (no gum). Centering is generally F-VF with perfs touching the design in a few stamps. This is a great opportunity to fill some of those difficult spaces. Scott Cat. value is over $2,000. Photo (65K) 775.00
2285 NEWFOUNDLAND Mint Blocks Collection/Accumulation - A desirable lot housed on black vinyl pages in two green Uni-Safe binders with slipcases, about 230 blocks of from 4 to 155 stamps, a high percentage are never hinged, a few highlights include #58, 129 (2), 130, 139-142, 168 (2), 169, 192 (3), 225, 226-229 (2), C6 (3), C14, J3a (2), J5, etc., Newfoundland lots of this type are seldom seen, huge catalogue value, 2000.0
2286 NEWFOUNDLAND Wayzata Airmails - $1.00 Dark Blue, a nice mint block of four of the scarce unissued Wayzata Airmail,n the project was cancelled by the Newfoundland government, an interesting item, Photo (52K) VF NH 150.00
2287 NEWFOUNDLAND Newfoundland Used Collection - Fifty different used Newfoundland stamps, mainly F-VF, a nice assortment from the 1880s to 1940s, 40.00
2288 NEWFOUNDLAND Meter Stamps on Cover - A lovely selection of 33 different meter covers, a few are window envelopes, starts with the first known type by The Avalon Telephone Company (Walsh PM1) and continues to James Baird Limited (Walsh PM56). A few roughly opened or with stains, most are clean. A very difficult group to put together, F-VF 750.00
2289 NEWFOUNDLAND Royal Family Issue Cover - Scott #82, 2 Vermilion tied to Nov. 17, 1907 Joseph & Son (Riverhead) advert cover, TPO postmark, F-VF 50.00
2290 NEWFOUNDLAND 1897 PAID ALL Cover - Drop rate cover mailed in St. John's Oct. 13, 1897 with scarce PAID ALL postmark paying the postage during the stamp shortage of that year, VF 90.00
2291 NEWFOUNDLAND Flight Cover Accumulation - About 30 flight covers plus a few non-flights, better items noted, several with 15 brown on 1931 flights two 50 green (#C7) on 'Gypsy Moth' flight covers, trans-Atlantic flights, etc., a useful lot indeed, Photo (31K) 500.00
2292 NEWFOUNDLAND 1910-1924 Definitives Mint Sets - Complete for period covered, includes 1910 (Lithographed) and 1911 (Engraved) John Guy sets, latter being unusually well centered and LH, followed by 1911 KGV Coronation set, 1919 Trail of the Caribou set, 1920 provisional surcharge (less #128), and 1923-1924 Pictorial set; plus a few additional shades (not counted). Overall centering for these difficult stamps is better than normally encountered. Unitrade cat. $2,124. Photo (40K) Photo 2 (40K) Photo 3 (41K) F-VF 750.00
2293 NEWFOUNDLAND 1928-1931 Pictorial "Publicity" Series - All three complete sets - first engraving of 1928 set of 15 (plus 1929 3c on 6c provisional), 1929-1931 re-engraved, no watermark, set of 9 and 1931 re-engraved, watermarked set of 11. Fresh colours and with full original gum. High percentage being well centered; catalogued as Photo (41K) Photo 2 (41K) Photo 3 (39K) F-VF NH 992.50
2294 NEWFOUNDLAND Lobster Stamp - Scarce rouletted stamp inscribed Newfoundland Lobsters (but without the usual "1 LB. NET" in red), serial numbered '1772', without gum, Photo (30K) F-VF 100.00
2295 NEWFOUNDLAND Newfoundland Corner Advertising Covers - from 'Tanuis Basha & Sons' and 'Brake Motor Supplies' companies in Bay of Islands, Newfoundland. First one tied at 'Curling B.O.I. AU 5 08 Newf'd' franked with Scott #82 and mailed to St. John's. Second tied at 'Curling JUL 28 49 Newf'd' franked with a pair of #245 and mailed to Bay D'Espoir, nice duo. Photo (41K) 200.00
2296 NEWFOUNDLAND Postage Paid Handstamp Cover - Holyrood, Nfld to St. John's with CDS "St. John's NFLD DEC 30 1918" and three line provisional handstamp in violet "POSTAGE PAID G.P.O. ST JOHN'S, NEWF'L'D." Nice Slogan "Food Will Win the War don't waste" Slogan, (measures 6x3") bit of soiling, nonetheless a scarce cover, Walsh #PP4. 100.00
2297 NEWFOUNDLAND 'James W. Keating' Advertising Cover - affixed with Scott #83, 3 orange and mailed at 'Channel DE 27 04 Newf'd.' and sent to Saint John's, NF with partial backstamp receiving. 75.00
2298 NEWFOUNDLAND 1896 Cover to U.S.A. - 2 orange Codfish and 3 slate QV tied with light grid CDS "St Johns Newf'd Au 6 96" to cover. Sent to Washington DC, D.L.O., backstamped with two joined small circles "New York Aug 13", "Paid All A" "96" and "Washington, DC Aug 13 '96" number 2 machine receiving. F-VF 150.00
2299 NEWFOUNDLAND From H. M. Ship: 1944 - Field Post Office Dec 22, passed by censor to Mahone Bay, NS on Dec. 19, 1944. Very clear purple handstamp "From H-M Ship - Passed by Censor". F+ 100.00
2300 NEWFOUNDLAND Exploits: Neopost Late 1930s - Neopost Meter cancel (3) used to pay excise tax on Royal Bank of Canada 11/248 Cheque. F-VF 75.00
2301 NEWFOUNDLAND 230-232 1937 Full Sheets of 60 - 1937 (May 12) 2-5 Coronation "Omnibus" set of three in full sheets of 60, light fold vertically down center does not affect stamps. 2018 Unitrade cat. value for NH $1,200. VF NH 600.00
2302 NEWFOUNDLAND C2 Alcock and Brown Flight Cover - $1 on 15 Scarlet toed by St. John's machine cancel to June 11, 1919 cover to England, this was carried on the Alcock and Brown first trans-Atlantic flight, usual flaws, a rare an desirable flight cover, F-VF 1500.0
2303 NEWFOUNDLAND 1 1p Brown Violet, genuinely used and very scarce thus, VF 250.00
2304 NEWFOUNDLAND 3 3p Green used, small manuscript cancel which was accepted at the time from small outports not provided with a cancelling device, lathe margined VF 700.00
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