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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1847 NEWFOUNDLAND Christmas Seal - A nice mint block of four of the 1946 Christmas Seal, likely the only one ever issued, VF NH 25.00
1848 NEWFOUNDLAND Newfoundland Starter Lot - Nice little lot of 50 used Newfoundland stamps, all different and a great start on a Newfoundland collection, F-VF 40.00
1849 NEWFOUNDLAND Publicity Issue Full Sheet - Scott #168, 6 Ultramarine, a full sheet of 100 stamps, fresh and well centered, VF NH, cat. value $2,800.00, a very scarce sheet, Photo (64K) VF NH 1000.0
1850 NEWFOUNDLAND Newfoundland Dog Topical Collection - An interesting lot on this popular topic, includes several old postcards, mint multiples with plate blocks of 8 of #56 and #58 and a mint block of #57, among others, later issues also that show the dog, also some later covers, plus some old beer labels that are very scarce, , ex Rowe Photo (46K) 400.00
1851 NEWFOUNDLAND Postage Due Half Sheet - Scott #J4, a half sheet of 50 of the 4 Yellow Orange postage due stamp, fresh and well centered mint, cat. $1,400.00, Photo (104K) VF NH 500.00
1852 NEWFOUNDLAND Royal Family Issue 1897 - 1 Queen Victoria, Scott #79-80, the complete set of twelve mint singles (one in Carmine Rose and the rest in various shades of green, representing all printing orders of this denomination, each with SPECIMEN overprint and customary ABN security punch, a scarce set, cat. $600.00++, Photo (35K) Photo 2 (35K) F-VF NH 350.00
1853 NEWFOUNDLAND Lot of 10 Covers: 1897/1949 - including "Paid All", "Postage Paid GPO" (both large and small triangles), Duty Free, OHMS, official mail and stamp shortage envelopes. Perfect lot to start the complex study of the many Newfoundland postal rates. Photo (31K) 200.00
1854 NEWFOUNDLAND Postal Stationery Proof - #UX8, 2 Vermilion postal card, a rare plate proof, printed in the issued colour on card mounted india paper, ex American Bank Note Company Archives, Greene Foundation certificate accompanies, Photo (27K) VF 450.00
1855 NEWFOUNDLAND Collection of Forgeries - Six Pence Issue and eighteen Cents Issue forgeries, includes Scott #1, 3, 8, 21-23, 25-27, 30-32, 33, 34 and 26, usual mixed condition but a useful lot with some scarcer items, F 150.00
1856 NEWFOUNDLAND Pence Issue Forgeries - Set of six pairs of the 2p, 4p, 6p, 6p, 8p and 1sh Rose values, very well executed forgeries, engraved printing on gummed wove paper, Photo (49K) VF F 125.00
1857 NEWFOUNDLAND Newfoundland Meter Cancel: 1948 - on beige envelope, P.B. Meter 180007 of Bowring Brothers Limited sent from St. John's Newfoundland Feb 20'48 to Robert's Arm, Newfoundland. Listed Walsh/Butt Nfld Specialized cat. #PM 46. 50.00
1858 NEWFOUNDLAND Specialized 1930s-1940s Issues - Collection balance on album pages with much of interest, includes 1939 Royal Visit (#249-251) plus later issues (#252, 267-270), both mint and used, strong in plate blocks, corner blocks and especially surcharge varieties both listed and unlisted, Photo (45K) F-VF 225.00
1859 NEWFOUNDLAND Labrador Labels - The set of three Labrador Labels issued in 1907, all with gum and very scarce thus, VF Photo (52K) VF LH 150.00
1860 NEWFOUNDLAND Wayzata Air on Cover - $1.00 Dark Blue Wayzata (unissued) airmail used on a cover mailed in 1956 from Montreal to Springfield, Mass., delivered without postage due, interesting, 75.00
1861 NEWFOUNDLAND Wayzata Airmail - $1.00 Dark Blue, a mint single of this unissued airmail, Photo (47K) VF 40.00
1862 NEWFOUNDLAND Revenue Forgeries - two 3 customs Duty forgeries featuring an explorer and an iceberg, Photo (56K) VF F 60.00
1863 NEWFOUNDLAND War Savings related - #NFW3, three singles affixed in a savings book: #NFW4, 14 singles affixed to a page; and finally a rarely seen Six Dollars War Savings Certificate dated 1944 and stamped paid, a nice group indeed, F-VF Photo (45K) 250.00
1864 NEWFOUNDLAND Collection of private Perfins - A very nice lot on pages, includes AND (9), GK (5), and AYRE (2 types, over 50 plus a document), mostly all different and F-VF Photo (37K) Photo 2 (37K) 250.00
1865 NEWFOUNDLAND Cancellations, etc. - Some partial slogan cancels collected on piece, other postmarks including boxed, and more interestingly some postal forms including Parcel Post Photo (37K) 125.00
1866 NEWFOUNDLAND Balbo Flight Cover - Scott #C18, $4.50 on 75 Bistre tied to July 26, 1933 flight cover to Rome, tone spots affect perfs and cover, various backstamps 250.00
1867 NEWFOUNDLAND Cents Issue Cover - 6 Queen Victoria bright shade (#35i) cancelled by St. John's cork in steel ring cancel, red postmark alongside, mailed to Liverpool, England with packet receiver, Photo (23K) F-VF 150.00
1868 NEWFOUNDLAND Assortment of Covers - Various from one collector, includes some first days covers (#160, 192, 226-229, 230-232 blocks, 233, C13 and C19, also two covers with #129 and one #130, another with meter stamp in blue, plus a scarce cover Jan. 3, 1919 with POSTAGE PAID cachet employed during a stamp shortage, mostly F-VF 200.00
1869 NEWFOUNDLAND Clipper Airmail Flight Covers - Sixteen various flight covers to or from Newfoundland 1939-1949, scarcer countries included like Syria, Iraq, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Turkey, India, etc., VF Photo (38K) 225.00
1870 NEWFOUNDLAND Columbia Flight Cover - 20 and 30 First Publicity Issue (Scott #157, 159) paying the correct 50 airmail rate for the Sept. 25, 1930 Columbia flight from Newfoundland to England, reverse backstamped Harbour Grace Oct. 9 and receipted in England on Oct. 13, a nice example with Furness Line flag advert at upper left, Photo (29K) 600.00
1871 NEWFOUNDLAND DO-X Flight Cover - $1.50 on $1.00 Blue (Scott #C12) tied to first day and first flight cover from St. John's via Germany to England, backstamped June 2. reverse with minor stain form previous mounting, otherwise F-VF Photo (42K) 400.00
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