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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2120 NEWFOUNDLAND Patriotic Postcard - A nice card showing a reflection of the Union Jack in a tank of seal oil, 50.00
2121 NEWFOUNDLAND Newfoundland: KGV Revenues on Documents - Lot of fifteen documents franked with Newfoundland Revenue stamps from the King George V period, various face values up to $5.00 noted, good variety of usages, totally unchecked for perforation and watermark varieties, F-VF, cheap at this estimate 200.00
2122 NEWFOUNDLAND Newfoundland Meters PM2 and PM3 - "Bowrings" and "Imperial Tobacco" (latter with small stain at UL) envelopes both with double strikes of 2 Midget Meter cancels and both with St. John's machine cancels 1932 & 1934 applied. 60.00
2123 NEWFOUNDLAND Browning Harvey Ltd. Neopost - 1941 Window envelope with double strike of what has to be Walsh PM34. F+ 50.00
2124 NEWFOUNDLAND Newfoundland Postcards - Good lot of 18 earlier and mainly unused postcards, all different with good variety and better cards included, 200.00
2125 NEWFOUNDLAND St. John's to Buffalo NY - franked with #85 tied to cover with CDS duplex "St John's Newf'd De 3 05". Reverse shows "Buffalo NY Dec 07 1905" receiving. Some all over light ageing. F-VF 35.00
2126 NEWFOUNDLAND Interesting Missent Advertising Cover - from 'Charles H. Hutchings', originally mailed from 'St John's Fe 16 01 Newfd' to Halifax, NS but was somehow 'Missent to New York Feb 23 1901 2d Div.', arrived Halifax, NS Feb 28 1901, folded and cut down at right. 100.00
2127 NEWFOUNDLAND 1902 St. John's Local Advertising Cover - franked with #81 x 3 (for the 6 rate) and sent by Registered mail by 'Antonio Joseph & Son' company, opened at left, light toning on reverse and oval Registered 23 Au 02, flap still sealed with original wax. 100.00
2128 NEWFOUNDLAND "Crosbie Hotel'" Advertising Cover - franked with six of the #78 which partially cover the logo. Mailed from St. John's, Nfld Nov. 30, 98, received in Montreal Dec. 2, 98. Top is a bit rough due to opening, beautiful blue drawing of the hotel on reverse. 125.00
2129 NEWFOUNDLAND 'General Films Limited' Advertising Cover - a bit soiled, mailed June 7, 1949 from the St. John's, Nfld Branch to Chateau Laurier Ottawa, ON and franked with #255 and 269 (damaged) paying the 7 international airmail rate. 50.00
2130 NEWFOUNDLAND Postage Due Cover - 2 Postage Due (Scott #J2) cancelled with dater Jan. 31, 1941 to cover from Placentia to Harbour grace, 4 stamp faulty, cover file folds clear of stamps, Newfoundland postage dues are seldom seen on cover, F-VF 300.00
2131 NEWFOUNDLAND DO-X Flight Cover - $1.50 on $1.00 Blue (Scott #C12) tied by first day cancel to Roylston, England, with receiver backstamp Mar 26, central file fold clear of stamp, F-VF 350.00
2132 NEWFOUNDLAND Airmail Cover 1919 - Scott #C2, $1 on 15 Scarlet tied to Oct. 11, 1919 registered cover form St. John's to New Jersey, cover with reinforcement at top, stamp well centered and sound and seldom seen on cover, F-VF 450.00
2133 NEWFOUNDLAND Incoming Parcel Post Tag - Undated (late 1880s) parcel tag franked with Queen Victoria 1p (5), 1p (2) and 4p all tied to tag addressed from Liverpool, England to St. John's, a very rare usage ideal for either a Great Britain or a Newfoundland collection, VF 150.00
2134 NEWFOUNDLAND Meter Stamps on Cover Collection: 1931/1947 - Twelve different covers all with meter stamps, includes Walsh #PM1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11, 15, 18, 20, 22 and 39, a very nice lot to start collecting this interesting field, mainly F-VF 475.00
2135 NEWFOUNDLAND Perfin Cancelled Revenues - Van Dam #NFR6, four used singles displaying various perfin cancels, includes large "CH" on both normal and thin papers plus small "CH" single and double, a desirable lot for the specialist, F-VF, cat. $140.00++ 150.00
2136 NEWFOUNDLAND Christmas Seal - A nice mint block of four of the 1946 Christmas Seal, likely the only one ever issued, VF NH 25.00
2137 NEWFOUNDLAND Last Resources Issue Imperforates - #254iv (9 blocks of four and six pairs) and 257vii (2 blocks), 2 and 5 Last Resources Issue imperforate blocks of four showing the printer's security punch, a nice wholesale lot with very good resale potential, VF NH, cat. $4,950.00 1000.0
2138 NEWFOUNDLAND Cover: St. John's to Fogo - Franked with #117 tied with CDS wavy line duplex "St. Johns, NFLD Mar 10 1921" and with AIR POST FOGO strait line on front. Via Botwood with partially legible FOGO Mr 28 split ring and interesting notations on reverse in light pencil. 150.00
2139 NEWFOUNDLAND Newfoundland Starter Lot - Nice little lot of 50 used Newfoundland stamps, all different and a great start on a Newfoundland collection, F-VF 40.00
2140 NEWFOUNDLAND Extensive Used Collection - Useful lot on Scott pages with many sets seldom seen used, includes some earlies, a study of #60 with many shades, Cabot set, Royal Family, Caribou, Pictorial, Publicity (all 3 sets!), First Resources, Gilbert, Long Coronation, 1931 airs, Labrador airs postage dues, etc., mainly F-VF, will catalogue high 750.00
2141 NEWFOUNDLAND John Cabot Issue Sheet - Scott #66, a scarce full sheet of the 6 Cabot Issue from 1897, fresh and well centered, cat. $1,600.00, Photo (12761K) VF NH 750.00
2142 NEWFOUNDLAND Publicity Issue Full Sheet - Scott #168, 6 Ultramarine, a full sheet of 100 stamps, fresh and well centered, VF NH, cat. value $2,800.00, a very scarce sheet, Photo (11407K) VF NH 1000.0
2143 NEWFOUNDLAND Framed Full Sheet - Scott #87, 1 Green John Guy Issue, a full sheet of 100 stamps,shows the 'NFW' and 'JAMRS' varieties, well centered and fresh (and apparently NH) and nicely framed in a metal frame with glass, VF 350.00
2144 NEWFOUNDLAND Alcock and Brown Topical Collection - Collection relating to the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean by Alcock and Brown, includes loads of photographs, 10th to 75c anniversary covers (1929 to 1994), the odd older covers and a few stamps, ex Rowe, also includes related material from other countries including a corner block of the scarce 40th Anniversary label from the U.K., a fascinating lot ready for expansion, Photo (1297K) 150.00
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