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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1868 NEWFOUNDLAND Two Flight Covers - Scott #C6 (15 brown) tied to two separate 1931 covers, the first Jan. 3 very early use sent registered to New York, the second a first flight St. John's to St. Anthony, F-VF 50.00
1869 NEWFOUNDLAND Cents Issue Covers 1890s - nine items, we note #52 1895 cover from Fortune to St. John's; 1 front 1894 drop rate; #45 and 48 1894 cover to Gambo; #51 on toned cover 1892 from Harbour Buffet to Middle Bight; #55 on 3 covers: #56 Dog block of six to Ottawa 1895 and #58 pair on front. Some flaws but still a useful lot. Photo (29K) 250.00
1870 NEWFOUNDLAND Cents Issue Covers 1880s - 1890s - Four items, we note #53 on Jeweller's cover to Birmingham, England 1886; #44 and 48 on 1894 cover from St. Jacques to Cape Breton;#45 strip of 3 on 1896 cover to Halls Bay; and #49 on tattered front to Twillingate. Some flaws but still a useful lot. Photo (29K) 140.00
1871 NEWFOUNDLAND Newfoundland Postcards - Good lot of 18 earlier and mainly unused postcards, all different with good variety and better cards included, 200.00
1872 NEWFOUNDLAND Perfin Cancelled Revenues - Van Dam #NFR6, four used singles displaying various perfin cancels, includes large "CH" on both normal and thin papers plus small "CH" single and double, a desirable lot for the specialist, F-VF, cat. $140.00++ Photo (21K) 150.00
1873 NEWFOUNDLAND Christmas Seal - A nice mint block of four of the 1946 Christmas Seal, likely the only one ever issued, VF NH 25.00
1874 NEWFOUNDLAND Last Resources Issue Imperforates - #254iv (9 blocks of four and six pairs) and 257vii (2 blocks), 2 and 5 Last Resources Issue imperforate blocks of four showing the printer's security punch, a nice wholesale lot with very good resale potential, VF NH, cat. $4,950.00 Photo (75K) 1000.0
1875 NEWFOUNDLAND Newfoundland Starter Lot - Nice little lot of 50 used Newfoundland stamps, all different and a great start on a Newfoundland collection, F-VF 40.00
1876 NEWFOUNDLAND Publicity Issue Full Sheet - Scott #168, 6 Ultramarine, a full sheet of 100 stamps, fresh and well centered, VF NH, cat. value $2,800.00, a very scarce sheet, Photo (64K) VF NH 1000.0
1877 NEWFOUNDLAND Newfoundland Dog Topical Collection - An interesting lot on this popular topic, includes several old postcards, mint multiples with plate blocks of 8 of #56 and #58 and a mint block of #57, among others, later issues also that show the dog, also some later covers, plus some old beer labels that are very scarce, , ex Rowe Photo (46K) 400.00
1878 NEWFOUNDLAND Postage Due Half Sheet - Scott #J4, a half sheet of 50 of the 4 Yellow Orange postage due stamp, fresh and well centered mint, cat. $1,400.00, Photo (104K) VF NH 500.00
1879 NEWFOUNDLAND Collection in a Stockbook - Collection organized in a stockbook, almost all mint, starts with some earlies (#35, 42, 48, 56, 58) and then begins in earnest with #61-71, 78-86, 87-91, 115-125 (ex 15), 131-144, 145-159, 183-211, 212-225 and 226-270, there is also a section of mint duplicates plus some useful blocks of four, a clean lot, F-VF, mostly LH but some NH here and there 300.00
1880 NEWFOUNDLAND Scarce Canada Tagged Sheet - 4 Cameo with the scarce 4mm narrow centre bar tagging, a well centered full sheet (#404p), VF NH 114.00
1881 NEWFOUNDLAND Mint Collection - Good collection on Lindner hingeless pages in a multi-ring binder, includes scarcer items, we note mint #17, 19-21, 23, 28-31, 35, 36, 38, 52, 59, 61-71, 75-76, 78-86, 97-97, 103, 115-126, 145-159, 163-171, 172-182, C6-C11, 183-210, 212-225, 226-270, J1-J7, also some used and odds and ends, plus a few other Provinces such as PEI#4-16, a useful lot indeed and a valuable one with high catalogue value, mainly F-VF, a few earlies without gum, otherwise LH or NH Photo (45K) Photo 2 (45K) Photo 3 (36K) 1250.0
1882 NEWFOUNDLAND Royal Family Issue 1897 - 1 Queen Victoria, Scott #79-80, the complete set of twelve mint singles (one in Carmine Rose and the rest in various shades of green, representing all printing orders of this denomination, each with SPECIMEN overprint and customary ABN security punch, a scarce set, cat. $600.00++, Photo (35K) Photo 2 (35K) F-VF NH 350.00
1883 NEWFOUNDLAND Royal Family Issue 1897 - 2 King Edward VII, Scott #82, the complete set of nine mint singles in various shades of vermilion, representing all printing orders of this stamp, each with SPECIMEN overprint and customary ABN security punch, a scarce set, cat. $450.00++, Photo (36K) Photo 2 (36K) F-VF NH 300.00
1884 NEWFOUNDLAND C18 Forgery - 1933 $4.50 on 75 bistre Balbo Flight overprint, marked "FORGERY" at UL, includes a very interesting 9 page "statement of facts" dated at St-Johns, November 1933. Wonderful collateral. Photo (41K) VF F NH 275.00
1885 NEWFOUNDLAND 3 3 Green small part OG, fresh colour and large margins, Photo (28K) VF 800.00
1886 NEWFOUNDLAND 3 3p Green, a fresh unused single with large margins, Greene Foundation certificate accompanies, Photo (31K) VF 1000.0
1887 NEWFOUNDLAND 5 5p Brown Violet mint, unusually nice with large margins, Photo (36K) VF LH 450.00
1888 NEWFOUNDLAND 7 6p Scarlet Vermilion unused, cut close, a rare and seldom offered classic stamp of Newfoundland, Photo (36K) VG 3000.0
1889 NEWFOUNDLAND 8 8p Scarlet Vermilion mint, slight colour oxidization, absolutely huge margins and very lightly hinged, Photo (35K) XF 500.00
1890 NEWFOUNDLAND 12 4p Orange, a fresh example used example in an unusual deep reddish shade (more similar to scarlet vermilion), just clear to small margins, light grid cancel and portion of Boston transit postmark, a very nice stamp, Photo (36K) 900.00
1891 NEWFOUNDLAND 13 6p Orange, a lightly cancelled used single with four margins and true fresh colour, Buhler guarantee, Photo (29K) VF 1600.0
1892 NEWFOUNDLAND 18 4p Rose, deeper shade, large part OG, Photo (30K) VF 50.00
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