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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3169 NEW CALEDONIA 393-394 var 1971 34fr and 100fr Charles de Gaulle Deluxe Proofs (each in sheet of one, on card paper) from the 6th series (1971-1991) both are artist signed by Georges Bétemps VF NH 125.00
3170 NEW CALEDONIA 402a 1973 12fr lilac Tchamba Mask, booklet pane of 5 VF NH 200.00
3171 NEW CALEDONIA 564-565 var 1987 18f and 21fr Birds, deluxe Proof Set each in sheet of one, from the 6th series (1971-1991) on card paper VF NG 60.00
3172 NEW CALEDONIA C30-C32 proofs 1962 20fr, 25fr, 100fr Deluxe Proofs (4x6") VF 100.00
3173 NEW CALEDONIA C146 var. 1978 41fr Map & Shell, mint single with colour variety - dark brown, blue and rose (instead of olive, turquoise and brown orange). Yvert 187 € 84. Photo (47K) VF NH 50.00
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