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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2229 NEW BRUNSWICK 2 6p Olive Yellow, a lovely four margined used single with nicely placed grid cancellation in blue, unusually fresh colour, Greene Foundation certificate (2017) accompanies, a premium example of this scarce classic stamp, Photo (36K) VF 1600.0
2230 NEW BRUNSWICK 5 5 Connell plate proof on india paper with perforations added, printed in a rich shade of brown, the ideal spacefiller for this rare stamp, Photo (37K) F-VF 250.00
2231 NEW BRUNSWICK 6-11 1 to 17 Set of six unused, F-VF 280.00
2232 NEW BRUNSWICK 6-11 1 to 17 Set of six used, F-VF 247.50
2233 NEW BRUNSWICK 8var. 5 Green unused with a nice misperforation variety, Photo (33K) VF 60.00
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