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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2430 NEW BRUNSWICK 1 3p Red, a beautiful unused example with ample to large margins, with bright true colour on immaculate paper; seldom seen in such nice quality, one of the rarest stamps of the British North America, with 1973 BPA and 2016 Greene Foundation certificates, Photo (35K) VF 5000.0
2431 NEW BRUNSWICK 2 6p Olive Yellow, a superior used example, part sheet margin at foot and full to large margins on other sides, lovely bright colour and showing large portion of oval grid 1 cancellation of St. John; a beautiful stamp; BPA certificate accompanies, ex. Dale-Lichtenstein collection, Photo (35K) XF 1600.0
2432 NEW BRUNSWICK 3 1sh Bright Red Violet, a rare unused single with fabulous colour, just touched at one side to otherwise ample margins, very few sound example of this stamp exist in fresh unused condition, with 2014 Greene Foundation certificate, ex Captain Hewitt collection, Photo (29K) F-VF 21750
2433 NEW BRUNSWICK 3 1sh 'Oneglia' engraved forgery, printed in purple and cancelled with a forged grid device, small thin, a rare forgery, F-VF F 250.00
2434 NEW BRUNSWICK 3 1sh Heraldic, a rare trial colour proof, printed in black on thicker paper, VF 800.00
2435 NEW BRUNSWICK 5 5c Connell, die essay (stamp size) in violet, with small faults and minor soiling, but a rarely seen coloured essay originating from the ultra rare compound die (with the 10c Queen Victoria). Photo (32K) APP 300.00
2436 NEW BRUNSWICK 5Piv 5 Connell plate proof in the issued colour on india paper, red vertical 'SPECIMEN' overprint, large margined, XF 250.00
2437 NEW BRUNSWICK 6Piii, iv 1c dark violet brown Locomotive plate proof block of four on card mounted india paper, horizontal SPECIMEN overprint in red - Type B on top pair, Type C on lower pair, touching outer frame at top, otherwise clear to full margins. Photo (50K) F+ 500.00
2438 NEW BRUNSWICK 6 1c Locomotive left sheet margin unused block showing ABNC imprint, appealing. Photo (51K) VF NG 125.00
2439 NEW BRUNSWICK 6-8 1 Locomotive, 2 and 5 Queen Victoria, three fresh unused blocks of four, VF 480.00
2440 NEW BRUNSWICK 7 2 Queen Victoria, a lovely plate proof pair in colour of issue, Photo (41K) VF 100.00
2441 NEW BRUNSWICK 8 5 Plate proof pair in a bluish Green shade, nice, Photo (44K) VF 120.00
2442 NEW BRUNSWICK 8TCi 5 Trial colour proof in black with red vertical 'SPECIMEN' overprint, scarce, VF 125.00
2443 NEW BRUNSWICK 9 10 Queen Victoria plate proof pair with large margins and brilliant colour, Photo (42K) VF 120.00
2444 NEW BRUNSWICK 9 10 Queen Victoria plate proof single, Photo (32K) VF 60.00
2445 NEW BRUNSWICK 9Pi 10 Vermilion plate proof block of four in the issued colour, printed on india paper, choice condition, Photo (66K) VF 200.00
2446 NEW BRUNSWICK 9TC 10 Queen Victoria trial colour plate proof printed in orange on india paper, rarely seen, VF 300.00
2447 NEW BRUNSWICK 11 17 Black, a nice plate proof single, Photo (35K) VF 70.00
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