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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1001 MISCELLANEOUS Airmail / Registered Covers - Collection presented in small Uni-safe cover album, showing 35 covers, all addressed to K. Bilesky, Canada sent from about 20 different worldwide countries as Israel, France, India, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Australia etc. The CDS date span seems to be mostly from the 1940s to 1960s. Photo (33K) 200.00
1002 MISCELLANEOUS Fantastic Lot of Mint Canada - Issues for the years 1951 to 1976, covering a 25 year period and all mint, Scott #303-703), 395 different in all, will fill many album pages with a minimum of searching and at a reasonable price, 325.00
1003 MISCELLANEOUS Canada's Admiral Issue - Scott #104-122, The complete set of 18 different mint singles form the 1 to the $1.00 denomination, all fresh mint with above average centering for the issue, cat. $1,200.00, F-VF LH 400.00
1004 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Thematic Collection 1993/1996 - Dealers lot of five, unopened Postal Packages of #72 "Historic Land Vehicles" Pane of 25 in protective folder, original packaging as issued by Canada Post. VF NH 40.00
1005 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Mint Booklet Panes - 1 and 2 Admiral booklet panes of six (#104a, 106a), seven of each all fresh mint and in varying shades, many are well centered, F-VF H, cat. $595.00 150.00
1006 MISCELLANEOUS Israel: 1970s/1980s - Lot of over 80 complete Panes/Souvenir Sheets, numbered. Mostly all different and seem to be in complete sets. Unusual. Photo (41K) VF NH 100.00
1007 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Definitives: 1970/1982 Small FDCs - Lot of 35 mostly different, smaller size #6 envelopes with First Day cancels on definitive issues, mostly official and includes a few private as well. Scott range is from 7 QEII #543 to #723C 60 Ontario Street Scene, a few pairs and some complete sets are represented. Photo (32K) F-VF 75.00
1008 MISCELLANEOUS Topical Souvenir Sheets - Lot of 20, Mini-sheets of 8 (10 different in both Perf and Imperf ) from Equatorial Guinea. Butterflies, Animals, Nudes, Airplanes, etc. Cat. value in Michel is nearly 400 Marks. VF NH 35.00
1009 MISCELLANEOUS 331-333 Canada QEII 'Karsh Portrait' Coil Stamps - year 1953, 2 to 4 Scott #331-333, ten sets. Generally F-VF and all Never Hinged. 50.00
1010 MISCELLANEOUS Nice Used Czechoslovakia Lot - All different and arranged on black stockpages, stamps from 1920 to 1945 including a few semi-postal issues, dozens of singles and a few souvenir sheets, mainly F-VF with some seldom seen items, 340.00
1011 MISCELLANEOUS 522pi, 525pi CANADA: Tagged First Day Covers - 1970 5 and 6 Winnipeg tagged centre blocks of four, each on a lovely illustrated First Day Cover and tied by clear "Winnipeg Manitoba 7 X 70" CDS postmarks, seldom seen. Photo (30K) VF 400.00
1012 MISCELLANEOUS Used Canada 1920s-1930s Wholesale Stock - A nice clean used lot, contains ten each of ten different King George V era stamps with Scott #145, 147, 148, 154, 156, 157, 172, 174, 203 and 209, few if any faults and mainly F-VF, Unitrade catalogue value is $856.00, 150.00
1013 MISCELLANEOUS Canada King George V - A nice wholesale lot of five booklet panes of six of the 2 deep red Arch Issue (#165b), all are fresh mint NH and fine of better, cat. $125.00+ 50.00
1014 MISCELLANEOUS Kaulbach Island 1970s Locals - Neat lot of 44 different stamps, all in se-tenant multiples, mint ungummed as issued; also eight singles cancelled on individual piece and one cover. Photo (38K) VF NH 60.00
1015 MISCELLANEOUS Canada 1992 Signature Sheet - #1407ai, The scarce 'Signature Sheet' issued only at the Canada '92 Youth Show, just 10,000 were printed, 125.00
1016 MISCELLANEOUS Scarce New Brunswick Revenue Stamps - A seldom seen lot of law stamps from the province of New Brunswick, includes turn of the last century issues -- #NBL9, 14, 15, 16 and 17. Some flaws as usual as these stamps were employed on large documents during sessions of the supreme court. 98.00
1017 MISCELLANEOUS Togo Mint Selection - Mint stock 1940 to 1987 organized on selection cards with Scott numbers, string in airmail issues with items cataloguing up to $20 each, all mint with a majority of stamps being never hinged, total catalogue is US$650.00, 225.00
1018 MISCELLANEOUS UN FDC - Clean lot of 100 different letter sized UN FDC from 1951 - 1982. Many are addressed - often with a small label. Great starter to this popular area with a very nice diversity of mostly covers along with a few cards and aerograms. 40.00
1019 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Annual Collections: 1997-1999 - Annual collections with stamps issued for three years. Cat. value is $270. VF NH 125.00
1020 MISCELLANEOUS Swiss mint Singles and Sets - Mostly semi-postal issues from Scott #B122 to B401, VF LH or (mostly) NH, 133.00
1021 MISCELLANEOUS Liberia Errors - Birds series, includes 3, 4 and 5 printed on gum side errors plus a 12 with missing colour that is actually printed on the reverse, F-VF NH Photo (41K) 125.00
1022 MISCELLANEOUS Official First Day Covers: 1973 to 1979 - Commemoratives, showing a high degree of completion for the period, franking presented as 152 different singles (representing several sets), 30 different pairs, 10 different blocks, as well as 15 small sets on single cover. A total of 210, a few with light wear/tone but generally in very good condition. Photo (25K) F-VF 175.00
1023 MISCELLANEOUS Canada: Rare Trade Sample Sheet - a nice reprint of the British American Bank Note trade sample sheet done in black on glazed wove paper from a metal plate, shows various Canada Large and Small Queen and Revenue stamps (27 LQ, 5 SQ and 18 Revenues). VF 50.00
1024 MISCELLANEOUS Worldwide Complete Booklets - At least a couple of hundred booklets in fifteen dealer binders, we note Denmark, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland and Thailand, also a few British Colonies, appears to be mostly all different and in VF condition, some useful and scarcer items noted 350.00
1025 MISCELLANEOUS Netherlands: 1940/1962 - a display of 43 different mint NH blocks, mostly in sets. Presented on vario sheet are 4 imperf blocks of 8 Scott #216, 218-220 along with perforated blocks of four #277, 332-335, 387-388, 394-395, B134-B143, B149-B163, B189-B193. F-VF NH 75.00
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