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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2001 MISCELLANEOUS Minkus World Wide Stamp Album: 1930s/1950s - Showing a representation of stamps from over 200 different countries with historic descriptions of each. We estimate about 2,000 stamps displayed with spaces for over 16,000. Condition of both album and stamps is very good, overall mixed mint and used, presented lightly hinged on page. Photo (33K) Photo 2 (33K) Photo 3 (25K) F-VF 300.00
2002 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Odds and Ends - A varied assortment in 3-ring binder with much of interest, includes airmails complete (#C1-C9, CE1-CE4, CO1-CO2), officials (note O10 NH, O27 LH), a few postage dues (note J32a), war tax MR7 coil pair, a run of Winnipeg tagged stamps, a few tagging varieties and other varieties such as misperforations, 34 coil imperf pair, mainly F-VF, a nice addition to any collection 250.00
2003 MISCELLANEOUS Swiss Airmails - Three nice used sets with #C3-5, 14 and 20-24, F-VF CDS 150.00
2004 MISCELLANEOUS South Africa: Book 4 -1987/1992 - Impressive specialized offering of over 3500 mostly mint from Scott #690-840. On Vario style pages in a large three ring binder and with a cat. value of over $3,000, this collection is composed of used singles and mint singles, pairs, blocks, coils, strips and many full panes - the cat. value for the panes is over $2,000. Included are helpful notes, various special cancels, souvenir sheets (mint and used) and other interesting items. Photo (43K) Photo 2 (43K) Photo 3 (31K) VF NH 1000.0
2005 MISCELLANEOUS Nice Used Czechoslovakia Lot - All different and arranged on black stockpages, stamps from 1920 to 1945 including a few semi-postal issues, dozens of singles and a few souvenir sheets, mainly F-VF with some seldom seen items, 340.00
2006 MISCELLANEOUS Canal Zone and US Related - Small selection of mint and used singles on selection cards, strong in Canal Zone with mint #68-69, 89, 90-93NH, 99, 105-114NH, J9, J21-J24, CO14, used #38-41, 97-98, 100-104, J4, J6-J8, O2-O6, etc., F-VF 425.00
2007 MISCELLANEOUS Canada: Rare Trade Sample Sheet - a nice reprint of the British American Bank Note trade sample sheet done in black on glazed wove paper from a metal plate, shows various Canada Large and Small Queen and Revenue stamps (27 LQ, 5 SQ and 18 Revenues). VF 50.00
2008 MISCELLANEOUS Togo Mint Selection - Mint stock 1940 to 1987 organized on selection cards with Scott numbers, string in airmail issues with items cataloguing up to $20 each, all mint with a majority of stamps being never hinged, total catalogue is US$650.00, 225.00
2009 MISCELLANEOUS United nations - Geneva and Vienna - Collection on Lighthouse hingeless pages to 1998, quite well filled with scarcer items included., face value of the geneva alone is 340 Swiss francs 250.00
2010 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Test Coil - Centennial Issue of 1967, a test coil pair showing a nice misperforation error down the centre of each stamp, Photo (40K) VF NH 80.00
2011 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Hand Picked Admiral Stock - Scott #104-122, Over 60 mint singles, all selected for centering with many outstanding examples, also displays a good range of shades, all values are represented including two complete sets, a nice lot indeed, VF-XF H, Unitrade value as cheapest shades is $5,375.00 Photo (30K) Photo 2 (30K) 1250.0
2012 MISCELLANEOUS 522pi, 525pi CANADA: Tagged First Day Covers - 1970 5 and 6 Winnipeg tagged centre blocks of four, each on a lovely illustrated First Day Cover and tied by clear "Winnipeg Manitoba 7 X 70" CDS postmarks, seldom seen. Photo (30K) VF 400.00
2013 MISCELLANEOUS Mint Canada Admiral Issue - An all-different selection of mint singles, including are not only the basic set (#104-122) but also ten different coils, some imperforates, and two 1926 surcharges (#139-140) and five war tax stamps, all in all a great start on the issue, Scott value is US$1,800.00, 400.00
2014 MISCELLANEOUS Ivory Coast Mint Accumulation - Clean lot on selection cards between Scott #167 to 286 and C14 to C40, the airmails make up about 40% of the value, light duplication in places, appears to all in VF NH mint condition, a lovely lot with Scott cat. US$500.00, 200.00
2015 MISCELLANEOUS Stocksheets: 1940s/1970s - A hodge podge mixture of 15 stocksheets, housing mostly used stamps from a vast array of countries and eras. We note Great Britain, India, Seychelles, Spain, Jamaica, Canada, and USA, an estimate of over 300 different stamps in fine condition. Photo (50K) Photo 2 (50K) Photo 3 (32K) Photo 4 (53K) Photo 5 (42K) 100.00
2016 MISCELLANEOUS Swiss mint Singles and Sets - Mostly semi-postal issues from Scott #B122 to B401, VF LH or (mostly) NH, 133.00
2017 MISCELLANEOUS Tropical Fish in Imperf Strips with Trial Proofs - 1959 1fr-60fr Somali Coast Scott #275-282 set of eight in vertical imperf strips of five. Offered in both issued colours and matching set of se-tenant trial colours; all mint NH. Valued at 1100 in the Maury catalogue. Photo (24K) VF NH 250.00
2018 MISCELLANEOUS Caribbean and European Postal Stationery: 1890s/1920s - Neatly displayed 3 per page in 23 ring binder, appealing group of over 75 assorted postal stationery envelopes, wrappers, and cards. Noted countries as Argentina, Cyprus, Ceylon, El Salvador, France, Honduras, Hong Kong, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, etc. Most are mint in VF condition and some with light duplication. Photo (18K) VF 125.00
2019 MISCELLANEOUS NHL Hockey Players - Special set of six All-Stars Stamp Cards issued by Canada Post for the 50th anniversary pf the NHL All-Star game, the cards picture Gretsky, Howe, Plante, Harvey, Richard and Orr, great item for the hockey fan (Thematic Collection #93) 25.00
2020 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Definitives: 1970/1982 Small FDCs - Lot of 35 mostly different, smaller size #6 envelopes with First Day cancels on definitive issues, mostly official and includes a few private as well. Scott range is from 7 QEII #543 to #723C 60 Ontario Street Scene, a few pairs and some complete sets are represented. Photo (32K) F-VF 75.00
2021 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Mint NH Coils - including Scott #264 x2 pairs, 265 pair, 295 strip of 4, 332 pair, 406 pair, 467 x2 strips of 4, 605 pair, 729 x2 strips, 950 x2 strips, and 1194B x2 strips. Overall F-VF. F-VF NH 60.00
2022 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Quebec Issue Wholesale Lot - Scott #97, 1 Quebec Issue, glassine containing 100 used singles, unpicked for cancels and varieties, mainly F-VF, ex Garcelon Stamp Company inventory, cat. $600.00 90.00
2023 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Winnipeg-Pembina Locals - Winnipeg to Pembina courier, 1975-1980, the first fourteen issues in full sheets, designs show local scenes printed over the famous Pembina cancelled pair of the 7p green, VF NH (cat. $1,170 in the locals catalogue) 250.00
2024 MISCELLANEOUS Monaco 2006 Deluxe Hard Cover Book - Sixth Edition with 176 full color pages showing 100 of the World's rarest stamps and philatelic documents, belonging to members of the Monte-Carlo Philatelic Club, to various Monte-Carlo Museums, the Prince of Monaco, and others from QEII's collection. Written in French but there is a 15 page English section describing each stamp/item represented. 75.00
2025 MISCELLANEOUS Early British Colonies - An interesting and mostly different group fo Victorian issues from Hong Kong, St. Helena, Ceylon, Natal, Trinidad, Barbados, Mauritius and Grenada, many items cataloguing $50 to $100 each are included, a few flaws but mainly fine, Scott value is US$2,800.00 Photo (28K) Photo 2 (28K) 550.00
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