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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1001 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Map Stamps - A nice group of over 50 used singles of the 1898 2 Map Stamp (Scott #85-86), from an old time lot and totally unchecked for cancels, plate varieties, etc., mainly F-VF 125.00
1002 MISCELLANEOUS 456pxx Canada Precancel Item - 3 Dull Purple left margin warning strip of 20 stamps, a scarce item from the 1967 Centennial Issue, VF NH 70.00
1003 MISCELLANEOUS St. Pierre Mint NH Lot - A lovely clean dealer stock of St. Pierre & Miquelon, all mint NH, mainly between #209 and #422 but also including good postage dues, fresh mint with individual stamps listing at up to $45.00 each, total Scott value is US$2,400.00, 800.00
1004 MISCELLANEOUS Early Used Canada - Glassine envelope containing a nice selection of 84 different stamps from the Small Queen Issue up to the 1930s, we note #97, 144-145, 147, 15, 172, 184, 200-202, 204, 209, etc., F-VF 40.00
1005 MISCELLANEOUS cc4293 Edmonton Rehabilitation Society - Rarely Seen, Charity Stamp in UR Corner Block of four. Cinderella guide of Canada, page 156. Photo (50K) VF NH 60.00
1006 MISCELLANEOUS Worldwide Cover Collection - Interesting collection of close to 200 Covers accumulated over time, mainly from the 1930's / 1980's, close to half from the British Commonwealth and also a good representation of US and Canada. A mix of Commercial, Special Event Covers and FDC's, many with topical appeal. Great value! 175.00
1007 MISCELLANEOUS Republik Maluku Selatan - three Complete Sets including Fish, Flowers and Birds with a total of 52 different Cinderella stamps. VF NH 40.00
1008 MISCELLANEOUS Canada King George VI Booklet Panes - Seven different from the 1950-1951 issue, all fresh mint, includes #2842, 286a-b, 287a-b and 306a-b, a nice lot, VF NH 66.00
1009 MISCELLANEOUS British Stamp Designs: 1990s/2000s - Approx. 100 different 4" x 6" Picture Postcards produced by The White Dove Press each portraying one of GB's stamps with various themes such as Sherlock Holmes, Assistance Dogs for the Disabled, Cathedrals etc. Generally in Complete Sets. 40.00
1010 MISCELLANEOUS SCARCE CANADIAN REVENUE SHEET - Van Dam #SL78, the scarce $50 blue law stamp in a complete sheet of fifty, fresh and choice, cat. $2,500.00, 500.00
1011 MISCELLANEOUS South Africa Christmas Seals - Complete booklets of Christmas Seals, sixteen all different includes, 1952 and 11954-1961 issues, seldom offered, F-VF NH 150.00
1012 MISCELLANEOUS Masterpieces of Canadian Art: 1988-1993 - Full panes of 16 for the first six years of this very popular series. Catalogue value is over $175. VF NH 100.00
1013 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Duck Stamps - Collection of Canada duck stamps, all in nice condition in the original folders, from the first issue of 1985 complete through to 2001, catalogue value is $545.00 (#FWH1-FWH17) VF NH 200.00
1014 MISCELLANEOUS Canada First Day Covers - Scott #204, 5 Royal William steamship, a nice lot four first day covers, each from a different city, cat. $140.00, F-VF 50.00
1015 MISCELLANEOUS Early Mint Canada - A selection of 26 different singles from 1870 to 1908, we note 8 and 15 Jubilees, 6 Leaf, Map Stamps, 5 Edward, 5 to 20 Quebec, etc., generally fine hinged, Scott value is US$2,350.00, 325.00
1016 MISCELLANEOUS Omnibus Collections: Nearly complete - 1937 Coronation, 1946 Victory, 1949 UPU and 1953 Coronation in old time mounts, we note that the adhesive employed has affected some of the stamps, much more prevalent on the UPU and last set. Lot also includes a British West Indies early QEII collection in good condition. Numerous valuable sets and stamps can be salvaged. Photo (55K) Photo 2 (55K) Photo 3 (39K) F-VF NH 300.00
1017 MISCELLANEOUS Canada: Artist Signed Christmas Seals - year 1964. Full Sheets of 80, Artist signed by designer Martin Regenstreif in black marker/crayon. Possibly the only few in existence. 100.00
1018 MISCELLANEOUS Ivory Coast Airmail Stock - A lovely clean lot form this ex-French Colony, mostly from 1 to 10 of each, starts at #C1 and runs to #C118 with loads of better stamps listing at from $1 to $12 each, everything is in VF NH mint condition, Scott value is a whopping US$2,600.00+, Photo (44K) Photo 2 (44K) 800.00
1019 MISCELLANEOUS Canadian Early Stamped Cheques - Group of ten cancelled cheques, mostly from the 1920's and earlier with stamps and or revenues tied. A better than average group with various markings and cancellations. 15.00
1020 MISCELLANEOUS U.S.A. Semi-official Airmail Covers - Pristine lot of fifteen different First Day Covers (1982-1984) from the short-lived Joint Venture for Expedited Airmail Letter Delivery. The companies involved and featured are Burlington Northern, American Express, PRIDE and Western Airlines. The high value, large sized stamps are beautifully designed highlighting airplanes and flags. VF and scarce. 100.00
1021 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Mint - Canada Post Official Yearbook with 1997 issues, VF NH VF NH 90.00
1022 MISCELLANEOUS Canada: Capex '87 - Two different Gold Embossed Souvenir Cards issued by the British American Bank Note Inc for the 1987 Capex show in Toronto. Featured on both is a facsimile strip of four of the 1868 1/2 Large Queen, a lovely collateral item. 20.00
1023 MISCELLANEOUS New Caledonia Used Stock - Dozens of used singles organized on selection cards by catalogue number, mostly from 1 to 3 of each with stamps up to $35 each noted, a good little lot fo this country, Scott value is US$690.00, 250.00
1024 MISCELLANEOUS Various Mint - Mixed lot of US, Canada and GB mint, includes souvenir sheets, 35.00
1025 MISCELLANEOUS World Health & Labour, Incoming Mail:1940s/1970s - Small box full of various Worldwide Covers addressed to and from various Ministries, often sent Registered. Includes over 120 covers, 75 of which are neatly sorted and stored in a Lighthouse cover binder. Some countries noted: Saudi Arabia, India, Hong Kong, French Equatorial Africa, Switzerland, Congo, Cuba, Belgium, Afghanistan, to Zanzibar. Also includes a set of twenty blk and white stamped photos (1956) depicting The International Labor Offices of Geneva. Photo (68K) Photo 2 (68K) Photo 3 (33K) 250.00
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