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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1001 MISCELLANEOUS Canada: First Flight Covers - A very nice group of 100 First Flight Covers, mainly from the 1929-39 period, almost all are in VF condition, with historical illustrated Cachets and clear CDS cancels. The majority are franked with Airmail stamps (#C1/C6), some are franked with interesting combinations of regular issues, appears to be all different, a nice opportunity for a collector. 300.00
1002 MISCELLANEOUS Butterflies Collection - 'Butterflies of the 50 States' complete collection of 50 first day covers in Fleetwood album, each cover beautifully cacheted with first day cancel of the respective state, also some Great Britain 1980s butterfly FDC included, VF 100.00
1003 MISCELLANEOUS Central African republic Stock - A clean mint inventory 1962-1985 back-of-the-book issues, light duplication and perfect for resale, with a total catalogue of US$535.00, F-VF, a high percentage are never hinged, 200.00
1004 MISCELLANEOUS Northern Ireland: 1994 Prestige Booklet - BK159 6.04 Complete Booklet of N. Ireland Heritage contains 2 Picture Postcards and Souvenir Sheets found only in Booklets. Recommended. VF NH 45.00
1005 MISCELLANEOUS Newfoundland Pioneer Airmail Essay - Vickers-Vimy Essay of the 15 Aerial Service. The design was not approved and never put into use. This VF LH forgery is an affordable alternative and at this price, a deal. 20.00
1006 MISCELLANEOUS South West Africa: Used Covers - and Postal Stationery selection of over 60 items cancelled mainly from mid 1930s onward. Various frankings such as singles, Pairs, Blocks and Sets. Suggested retail value over $600. 125.00
1007 MISCELLANEOUS Great Britain: 1990s - Three dozen GPO sets with about half on cards, the rest in GPO glassines with all or most coming from 1990-91. Includes a few souvenir sheets. VF NH 75.00
1008 MISCELLANEOUS Turkey: Year Sets 1955/1968 - Colourful lot of 13 different Year Sets, separated by year in glassine packets. All appear to be mint NH. There are 160 "Complete Sets" 350.00
1009 MISCELLANEOUS Canada 5 Centennial Miniature Panes - 1967 5 blue Miniature Panes of 20 (4x5) DF, DEX. Wholesale lot of 10. Unitrade #458b, 2017 Cat. value $400. F-VF NH 100.00
1010 MISCELLANEOUS Topical Souvenir Sheets - Lot of 20 Mini-sheets of 8 (10 different in both perf and imperf) from Equatorial Guinea. Butterflies, Animals, Nudes, Airplanes, etc. VF NH 35.00
1011 MISCELLANEOUS RSA 1981-1982 Cover Collection - in a two post padded FDC album. Approximately 150 addressed and unaddressed, with decorative Cancels, some Registered, Airmail and Autographed. Special themes such as Battle of Amajuba, State Theatre, State President, Scouting, Navy etc. Covers franked with singles, complete Sets and Souvenir Sheets, includes a few Silk cachets. 150.00
1012 MISCELLANEOUS French West Africa Stock - An extensive lot of this French Colony from 1945 to 1958, a few mint but mostly used, light to moderate duplication, mainly lower prices stamps but with the odd better single or set here and there, mainly F-VF, Scott US$530.00, 150.00
1013 MISCELLANEOUS Newfoundland: KGV Revenues on Documents - Fascinating lot of sixteen documents franked with Newfoundland revenue stamps, all are from the King George V period, various face values up to $5.00 noted, good variety of usages, totally unchecked for perforation and watermark varieties, F-VF, cheap at this estimate. 250.00
1014 MISCELLANEOUS Czechoslovakia Collection - Mint lot on selection cards, all mint and mostly NH, we note items cataloguing up to $11 each, runs from #268 to #383, then picks up again at #2005 to 2503 plus a few others including a few dues and semi-postals, VF 135.00
1015 MISCELLANEOUS Worldwide Printing Varieties - Over 25 items, chiefly reverse offset and printed in gum side varieties, countries include Germany, Saar, Upper Silesia, Pakistan, Indian States, etc., an interesting lot from a good collection, mostly NH and F-VF, retail value about $850 350.00
1016 MISCELLANEOUS France: WWI Postcards - history noted on all 10 postcards with a variety of different Military markings from Hospital-Temporaire, Le Lieutenant Chef De Detachement, Field Censor, Infirmerie, Croix-Rouge France, etc. All correspondence in French with cards depicting pictures of Soldiers, Government Buildings, Monuments and Hospitals. 175.00
1017 MISCELLANEOUS Algeria Used Stock - Extensive lot in selection cards in a small blue box, moderate duplication with several hundred stamps in all, includes a few airmails and postage dues, mostly in clean F-VF condition with light postmarks, total Scott vale is US$700.00 (inventory included), 225.00
1018 MISCELLANEOUS Canadian Thematic Collections : Airborne - a Heritage Stamp Collection listed in Unitrade #21. Illustrated Book and Postal Pack issued by Canada Post in 1983. VF NH 30.00
1019 MISCELLANEOUS 331-333 Canada QEII 'Karsh Portrait' Coil Stamps - year 1953, 2 to 4 Scott #331-333, ten sets. Generally F-VF and all Never Hinged. 50.00
1020 MISCELLANEOUS Nigeria: Selection of 40 used Covers - majority with multiple frankings paying various rates sent throughout the period of 1925-1960s. Numerous postal markings as Registered letters, Cents Due, First Airmail, Redirected Mail, Club UNESCO violet Handstamp, etc. Estimated Retail price $530, overall F+ and better. 125.00
1021 MISCELLANEOUS Canada King George V - A nice wholesale lot of five booklet panes of six of the 2 deep red Arch Issue (#165b), all are fresh mint NH and fine of better, cat. $125.00+ 50.00
1022 MISCELLANEOUS Canada 1992 Signature Sheet - #1407ai, The scarce 'Signature Sheet' issued only at the Canada '92 Youth Show, just 10,000 were printed, 125.00
1023 MISCELLANEOUS British Commonwealth: Booklet Collection - of 25 assorted Complete Booklets. Includes such countries as listed in Stanley Gibbons, Republic South Africa SB11, Southern Rhodesia SB6, Tanzania SB6, SB7, Fiji SB5, along with others. Overall VF. 125.00
1024 MISCELLANEOUS Australia Maximum Cards: 1990/1995 - An impressive lot of over 200 different - many have been hinged on the reverse. 150.00
1025 MISCELLANEOUS Newfoundland Revenues - $25 NFR23 on Mortgage - Dated May 1922 bearing high value single $25 salmon, perf 12, along with six $1 green KGV examples (three creased from file folds), all stamps cancelled by straightline "Registrar of Deeds of Newfoundland" handstamps. A very rare usage of the $25 KGV Inland Revenue on document, F-VF (Walsh Catalogue $975.) 500.00
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