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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2811 LITHUANIA 1-2 10sk and 15sk Used singles, 10s still on piece, Photo (35K) F-VF CDS 225.00
2812 LITHUANIA 3-8 Dec. 31, 1918 Used set of six, Photo (33K) F-VF CDS 186.00
2813 LITHUANIA 120 3c on 1auk Mint single, Photo (36K) 100.00
2814 LITHUANIA 121 3c on 1 auk Used, a nice example on piece, Photo (36K) CDS 100.00
2815 LITHUANIA 122 3c on 5auk Mint single, scarce, Photo (39K) F-VF 150.00
2816 LITHUANIA 176-188 Aug. 1923 Set used, F-VF CDS 76.80
2817 LITHUANIA 242-255 Feb. 16, 1930 set used, F-VF CDS 79.05
2818 LITHUANIA te263Footno The scarce imperforate single with red overprint Photo (44K) VF LH 400.00
2819 LITHUANIA B1-B15 First semi-postal set mint, F-VF 86.80
2820 LITHUANIA B16-B29 Dec. 3, 1926 Semi-postals mint, Photo (38K) VF 113.00
2821 LITHUANIA B30-B42 War Orphans set mint, Photo (41K) F-VF 113.45
2822 LITHUANIA C2var 1921 40sk red orange in folded strip of 16 (2x8) showing (x8) a missing perforation (broken perf pin) in the 2nd column from the right VF NH 40.00
2823 LITHUANIA C32variety 20 Yellow mint, the arre unwatermarked variety (only 200 issued), with Bloch, Sanabria, Kessler guarantees, the first we have seen, (Michel #220y) Photo (38K) VF 500.00
2824 LITHUANIA C34 variety 60 Rose mint, the scarce (only 600 issued) unwatermarked variety, Mikulski guarantee (Michel #222y), Photo (44K) VF LH 300.00
2825 LITHUANIA C47-C54 Airmail set in sheetlets of four, three NH in each, a couple with wrinkling from being in old-style mounts, VF LH 130.00
2826 LITHUANIA C47-C54 July 21, 1932 Airmails perf (mostly NH) and imperf (dist gum), F-VF 70.00
2827 LITHUANIA C55-C62 Nov. 28, 1932 Airmails both sets perf and imperf, Photo (29K) VF NH 80.00
2828 LITHUANIA C58-C62, variety 1932 Airmail set of five overprinted for the special flight, the plane left New York and later crashed, (Michel 343-347) Photo (35K) VF 400.00
2829 LITHUANIA C80 footnote 40c Airmail with the very scarce diagonal overprint, Photo (46K) VF LH 400.00
2830 LITHUANIA CB3variety 60 Rose unwatermarked (only 200 issued - arre), one of the most valuable stamps of Lithuania, Lissiuk guarantee (Michel #239y), Photo (43K) VF LH 600.00
2831 LITHUANIA L8 footnote 50sk on 1k Orange (1917) Mikulski guarantee Photo (30K) VF LH 90.00
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