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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3754 LAST CHANCE LOTS Canada Post Souvenir Articles: 1972-74 - Indicated on page 616 of Unitrade under annual Souvenir Collections #15-17 in fine condition with issued stamps provided loose in glassine, 2018 cat value $287. VF NH 150.00
3755 LAST CHANCE LOTS Tokelau 1969/1999 - Neatly presented collection of complete sets LH on SG Senator pages as well as full sets on FDC's (27 different) with corresponding CDS cancels and colourful cachets. Stamps range through Scott #s 16/264, approximately 250 different stamps. Overall VF, lightly cancelled. Photo (1946K) 100.00
3756 LAST CHANCE LOTS Mint Commemorative Collection - of Great Britain. A set of seven, (7x8") fine quality stockbooks, each displaying complete sets, spanning chronologically 1962 through to 1984, along with the multi nation commemorative sets celebrating the 85th Birthday of the Queen Mother. Photo (256K) F-VF NH 80.00
3757 LAST CHANCE LOTS World Accumulation on Album Pages - Flat box containing stamps on album pages, hundreds of stamps from all over the world, a good project for a long winter's night, catalogue over $US2,300.00 plus a folder of pages with mainly more common material not counted, 450.00
3758 LAST CHANCE LOTS Turkey Newspaper Stamps: 1891-1892 - Impressive selection of over 125 "Imprime" Overprints with many varieties including double overprints, single overprint over two stamps (in pairs), inverted etc. Many interesting shades and some with cancels. The Scott cat. suggests that many of these may be "bogus" and some present are clearly so, but the "possibles" have an approx. cat. value of $25,000. Generally F-VF and an exciting area for further study. Photo (249K) 600.00
3759 LAST CHANCE LOTS Great Britain: 1953/1964 Varieties - Specialized collection of used singles, often in sets, many with additional FDC and mint - often in blocks all mounted or in mounts on Senator pages. The bulk of the value is in the Varieties: many are listed with SG values around 60. We note phosphor issues, plated printing varieties, retouches, etc. SG cat. value for only the obvious is well over 700. The complete value will be much more. Clearly prepared by a specialist and deserving of close attention to the many notes. Photo (404K) 700.00
3760 LAST CHANCE LOTS Asia Assortment - An interesting lot from various countries, includes French India ($53), Indo-China ($162), Lebanon ($55) and Syria ($88), plus over $100 of various others, mainly F-VF used with many older and seldom seen stamps, a good collection builder, 175.00
3761 LAST CHANCE LOTS Newfoundland Dog Topical Collection - An interesting lot on this popular topic, includes several old postcards, mint multiples with plate blocks of 8 of #56 and #58 and a mint block of #57, among others, later issues also that show the dog, also some later covers, plus some old beer labels that are very scarce, , ex Rowe Photo (975K) 400.00
3762 LAST CHANCE LOTS B25-B261 Switzerland 1923/1956 Specialized Semi-Postal Used Blocks - Nicely displayed on large quadrille pages with a total of 82 blocks, all semi-postals - Pro Juventute and Pro Patria, most being different and of which 66 (80%) are on individual covers - again the majority being single block usage on cover which are seldom seen and certainly difficult to find as such. Focus of this collection starts in 1930 and runs to mid-1950s. A few covers with light toning, but noted many beautiful franked and postmarked covers including high values. A great collection of its kind. (Zumstein Sfr. 2,047 for used blocks alone; NO premium added for usage of these blocks on cover) Photo (2298K) VF 600.00
3763 LAST CHANCE LOTS Grenada Collection - A nice clean lot on pages in a 3-ring binder, #199 is used but otherwise all mint which appears to be all in VF NH condition, includes special overprints Photo (168K) Photo 2 (168K) 480.00
3764 LAST CHANCE LOTS China (PRC): 2006 - "Commemoration of the International Stamp and Coin Exposition Beijing 2006" folder with a set of four, three souvenir sheets of eight and a FDC - all in mounts in a lovely pearl presentation folder. Photo (6145K) VF NH 75.00
3765 LAST CHANCE LOTS South Africa: Book 4 -1987/1992 - Impressive specialized offering of over 3500 mostly mint from Scott #690-840. On Vario style pages in a large three ring binder and with a cat. value of over $3,000, this collection is composed of used singles and mint singles, pairs, blocks, coils, strips and many full panes - the cat. value for the panes is over $2,000. Included are helpful notes, various special cancels, souvenir sheets (mint and used) and other interesting items. Photo (322K) Photo 2 (322K) Photo 3 (145K) VF NH 1000.0
3766 LAST CHANCE LOTS King Edward VIII Engraving - A nice oval engraving in black on wove paper, shows the King when he was Prince of Wales, the portrait is quite similar to that used on Newfoundland stamps. Photo (407K) VF NH 100.00
3767 LAST CHANCE LOTS War Tax First Day Cover - Scott #MR1 (and 106) tied to April 15, 18915 first day of usage cover from Kemptville, Ont. to Hamilton, Photo (1431K) F-VF 275.00
3768 LAST CHANCE LOTS Germany (DDR): 1948/1964 - Semi-postal collection, cancelled and neatly presented on album leaves. Includes B21a (cat $110) and B35a (cat $110). Appears to be complete (130 stamps) with some additional multiples and five Souvenir Sheets. 2017 Cat. value $425. Photo (846K) 300.00
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