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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
4759 LAST CHANCE LOTS Canada First Flight Covers - A nice group of 100 first flight covers, appears to be all different, mainly earlier 1928-1930 flights, many bear Canada's first airmail stamp (#C1), all in nice condition and with a special flight cachet, F-VF 250.00
4760 LAST CHANCE LOTS NHL Hockey Players - Special set of six hockey cards issued by Canada Post for the 50th anniversary pf the NHL All-Star game, the cards picture Gretsky, Howe, Plante, Harvey, Richard and Orr, great item for the hockey fan (Thematic Collection #93) 25.00
4761 LAST CHANCE LOTS Canada Unsold Lots - Surprise lot of about 20 items which are unsold lots from previous auctions, good variety and few if any faults, estimated or catalogue values total over $1,000.00, 200.00
4762 LAST CHANCE LOTS Switzerland - A nice used assortment of earlier issues including Scott #59, 66, 75, 96, 98-100, 121-125, 181-185, etc., all in nice used condition, F-VF CDS, cat. US$900.00+ Photo (30K) 300.00
4763 LAST CHANCE LOTS Canada: 1869/1965 - Neatly displayed on two post album pages by year of issue, showing nice value in mostly used singles and part sets. Small selection of approx. 350 different, overall mixed condition with 2018 Scott cat. value of $823.35 Photo (34K) Photo 2 (34K) Photo 3 (36K) F-VF 425.00
4764 LAST CHANCE LOTS Austria Starter Lot - An excellent group of earlier issues, some light duplication, all mint and including #141, 371, 378-379, 552, 559, 562, 610-611B50-56, B66070, B121, C2, C4-11, C55, etc., all clean VF LH mint Photo (36K) 550.00
4765 LAST CHANCE LOTS Monaco: 1942/1959 - Strong and attractive selection of over 325 different, on hingeless Lindner four hole pages (17-48) which is quite complete for the period. Includes semi-postal items such as B99a along with some NH sets. Catalogue value is near $1,500. Photo (42K) Photo 2 (42K) Photo 3 (49K) F-VF LH 575.00
4766 LAST CHANCE LOTS Canada Unitrade Junior Album: 1999/2011 - overloaded with many 100s of mint (mostly LH to album pages) stamps/sheets/ complete booklets etc. with all the trimmings - a great lot for anyone who missed the early 2000s. Face value is nearly $1,000. and well worth Photo (35K) F-VF LH 700.00
4767 LAST CHANCE LOTS Japan Mint NH Selection - An all different lot already identified on selection cards, we note #275, 405, 474-477, 512A, 515, 542-545, etc., etc., all mint F-VF NH, a nice lot, Photo (33K) 575.00
4768 LAST CHANCE LOTS Beautiful Stampless Cover - Bartley & Dunbar St. Lawrence Engine Works Montreal double oval embossed envelope in nice condition, endorsed "Money" with clear Montreal tombstone Paid MR 10 1856 datestamp in red, mailed to New York with three different PAID handstamps in red, rated "6" handstamp along with straightline REGISTERED in black. This cover was sent registered from Canada (1 penny), but prior to October 1st, 1856 there was no formal arrangement for registered mail between the two countries. Photo (24K) 350.00
4769 LAST CHANCE LOTS Small Queen Issue - Seven mint singles in early shades, each trimmed around the outside and perforated vertically or horizontally through centre, possibly samples used by salesmen of the era, all fresh and with original gum, includes 1 (2 shades), 2, 3 (2 shades), 5 and 10 Photo (27K) Photo 2 (27K) 500.00
4770 LAST CHANCE LOTS Cayman Islands: 1974/1980 - Padded 22 ring binder, displays in mounts on quadrilled pages with interleaves, approx. 80 mint NH stamps mostly in sets along with 9 souvenir sheets. Scott range is from #331 to #436. 2018 cat. value $120. Photo (38K) VF NH 100.00
4771 LAST CHANCE LOTS Scarce Flight Cover - 1931 (November 26) Registered cover from Edmonton, via First Flight Miami to Nuevitas, Cuba, franked with 25c postage including a 10c Cartier all tied by Edmonton CDS, pays the recent 15c per half ounce rate (inclusive of airmail surcharges) plus 10c registration; shows a myriad of postmarks on reverse as it was unclaimed and returned to sender; a colourful cover, (#114, 167, 190, C1) Photo (30K) F-VF 175.00
4772 LAST CHANCE LOTS Used Admiral Issue Lathework - A group of six used singles, some heavier cancels but each with type D lathework including the 4 olive yellwo, 5 violet (2), 10 blue and 20 olive green (2), a scarce lot indeed, Fine or better, Unitrade value is $1,432.00, Photo (33K) 600.00
4773 LAST CHANCE LOTS Papua New Guinea: 1974-1979 - Presented in mounts on Senator album pages as complete sets. A virtually complete run of over 100 stamps with Scott range from #399 to #507. Photo (50K) VF NH 76.85
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