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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3922 LAST CHANCE LOTS Canada: Plate Blocks on Covers - Offering approx. 100 different, small size #6 First Day Covers, all affixed with commemorative plate blocks, tied with official Canadian city cancels as Ottawa, Winnipeg, Victoria, etc. Lot includes twelve matched sets of four plate blocks (535-538, 554-557, 610, 652, 653), se-tenant plate blocks (562-563, 568-573, 585a), blanc corner blocks (564-565, 610) and even signed (616). F-VF 250.00
3923 LAST CHANCE LOTS Finland 1870s-1890s Specialized Cancel Collection - Neatly displayed collection of 270 stamps, mostly 1870s-1890s Coat of Arms issues along with a few Russian design types used in Finland. Wide range of grids, segmented corks, coloured, boxed and circular cancellations as well as perforations and shades to be found. Issues with duplication making a wonderful study lot, the odd flaw to be expected but ideally assembled for enjoyment. Photo (32K) Photo 2 (32K) Photo 3 (28K) 975.00
3924 LAST CHANCE LOTS Canada: King George VI Collection - A fabulous collection of this era, we note specialized interest in coil stamps with strips of four, jump strips, repair paste-ups, precancel strips, and start and end pairs or strips. Also includes attractive corner advertising and window covers (20+), a selection of 47 complete booklets noting BK29b French, 31bF, 31eF, etc. Mostly NH, F-VF; housed in two custom made binders with slipcases, attractively displayed in mounts and identified on specialized pages. Photo (26K) 2000.0
3925 LAST CHANCE LOTS Canada Thematic Collections: 1983/1999 - Nice group of over 60 different Thematic Collections ranging from Scott #22 to #89. Many still in original packaging, never opened, and generally all of the series for the period are complete. Locomotives, Second World War, Vehicles, Our World, Public Gardens and even John Cabot (Caboto) along with a few additional items. 2018 Unitrade (page 634) cat. value $590.+ Photo (75K) VF 300.00
3926 LAST CHANCE LOTS Canada Collection of Mint Overprinted Officials - A beautiful complete collection in mint blocks of four, includes all of the "G" overprinted officials including the very scarce $1 Train Ferry and $1 Fisherman (Scott #O16-O49, CO1 and EO2 set of 35), all blocks are in fresh, well centered mint condition, housed in the Canadian Stamp Investors Corporation stockbook. VF NH 2068.5
3927 LAST CHANCE LOTS USA Presidential Medals Cover Collection - combines Official U.S. Mint Presidential Medals in 24kt gold (electroplated) with historic U.S. stamps. A stunning philatelic/numismatic tribute to the American Presidents on 39 different, neatly addressed (to previous owner) First Day Covers, cancelled during the 1983-84 period, housed in specialty box. VF 175.00
3928 LAST CHANCE LOTS Canada Surprise Carton - Large carton full of various Canadian collections, starts with an album of covers including first flights, event covers, modern commercial covers, etc.; next an album of Queen Victoria era New Brunswick related duplex cancellations; then an album of red postage dues including six plate blocks of #J32a (total cat. value $1,800); next an album of 131 modern covers with special Canada Post cancellations;another album of miscellaneous covers: some Canada Post souvenir articles; a binder with modern complete booklets (note BK303d); a binder of Christmas seals including some complete sheets; etc., ex Paulton collection 450.00
3929 LAST CHANCE LOTS First Day Covers: 1947/1969 - package with over 80 different cacheted covers, small size #6 envelopes selected for quality lot, with frankings as #275, 277, 315, 322, 375-377, 380-383, 385-386, 388 and so on. All are unaddressed, noted pairs, blocks, sets 365-368 and 417-429A on individual covers, attractive postal history material. F-VF 150.00
3931 LAST CHANCE LOTS Special Event , Custom, Commemorative Covers - Available by mail order through the National Philatelic Centre in Antigonish, NS, Canada, described on page 638 of Unitrade. Attractive group of 50 all different Special Event covers spanning the years 1997/2011 with highlights as S09, S24 a,b,c, S29, S31, S32, S35, S39, S49, S72, etc. VF 200.00
3932 LAST CHANCE LOTS French Colonies: 1942 Native Children's Welfare Fund - Air post, semi-postal in corner blocks of four, mint NH. Collection of 59 different blocks from a possible 83, remarkably close to complete. Very light toning on a few. Noted Colonies: Sénégal, Niger, Ivory Coast, Martinique, Dahomey, French Sudan, Réunion, New Caledonia, Togo, Inini, and many more. Photo (111K) Photo 2 (111K) F-VF NH 200.00
3933 LAST CHANCE LOTS Senegal Collection - Collection on old album pages, from 1892 mid-1960s, generally in nice condition and containing scarcer items such early overprints and surcharges, later complete sets, etc., a great starter lot for this seldom offered country, mainly F-VF throughout, Scott value is US$700.00, 250.00
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