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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2434 GREECE 23 1891/1895 20r pale orange, used, after close examination the stamp has notably clear impression, paper is somewhat medium thick and silk thread emerald which leads us to believe stamp is Scott #23, nice 15 grid rectangular cancel. Photo (27K) F-VF 200.00
2435 GREECE 329 1927 2d dark green and black 'The Acropolis' in Full Pane of 50, Plate 1B inscription "Aspioti-Elka" Graphic Arts Co Ltd., some perf separation on margin, gum side has two small tone spots. Photo (104K) F+ NH 325.00
2436 GREECE C1-C4 1926 Airmail Pictorial set of four, fresh colours. Photo (48K) VF NH 80.00
2437 GREECE C9-C14 1933 Airmail Pictorial mint set of seven in pristine condition. Photo (50K) VF NH 200.00
2438 GREECE C71-C73 1954 North Atlantic Treaty airmail mint set of 3. Photo (52K) F-VF NH 110.00
2439 GREECE C74-C80 1958 Harbours airmail mint set of 7, fresh. Photo (49K) F-VF NH 79.00
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