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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2881 GERMANY 62 1900 1m carmine rose Photo (44K) F-VF 110.00
2882 GERMANY 351-362 1926-27 3pf-80pf Famous Composers set of 12, mostly NH (20pf H, 80pf NG) Photo (35K) VF 500.00
2883 GERMANY 366-384 1928-32 3pf-80pf Presidents set of 19, mostly NH (80pf chocolate is LH) Photo (36K) VF NH 725.00
2884 GERMANY B58 1933 "10 Jahre Deutsche Nothilfe" wmk souvenir sheet of four with "1923-1933" Overprint in pristine condition. The sheet measures 208x148mm and is neatly cancelled by two Konigsbert Ostropa (27.6.35) cacheted postmarks. There is a minute margin wrinkle which is all but invisible. 2018 Scott cat. value for used is $10,500. VF 4500.0
2885 GERMANY B106 1937 Hitler sheet of four with marginal inscriptions and rouletted, one small gum inclusion (pen mark) UR margin. VF NH 250.00
2886 GERMANY B327-B330 1952 Portraits set of four in blocks of four, each on individual cover front (backs removed) and postmarked Munchen 05.01.53 in-period CDS - the high value 30+10pf dated 07.2.53. VF 368.00
2887 GERMANY C27-C34 1926-27 5pf-3m German Eagle set of eight (1m NH) Photo (37K) VF 240.00
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