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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2731 GERMAN COLONIES-KIAUCHAU 10-18 3pf to 80pf Yacht set. low value is mint, all others nicely postmarked used, Photo (39K) VF 143.85
2732 GERMAN COLONIES-KIAUCHAU 19-22 1m to 5m Yacht set high values mint, Photo (47K) VF OG 410.00
2733 GERMAN COLONIES-KIAUCHAU 31 $1 Black Violet, a scarce mint single, Photo (47K) VF LH 1200.0
2734 GERMAN COLONIES-KIAUCHAU 32a $2 Slate and Carmine unwatermarked, a very nice used single, Photo (48K) VF 3500.0
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