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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2604 FRENCH POLYNESIA 196-197 1962 15fr and 20fr Flowers VF 39.00
2605 FRENCH POLYNESIA 278-283 1974 2fr-20fr Polynesian Views complete set of six in blocks of four VF NH 69.00
2606 FRENCH POLYNESIA 284 1974 65fr Polynesian Woman and UPU Emblem in block of four VF NH 48.00
2607 FRENCH POLYNESIA 505-506 1989 55fr-70fr Copra Industry (Coconut) set of two VF NH 57.50
2608 FRENCH POLYNESIA 534-537,544 1990 58fr-71fr set of four and 125fr with different colors and inscriptions VF NH 54.50
2609 FRENCH POLYNESIA C17-C19 1948 50fr-200fr Shearwater and Fishermen set of three Photo (47K) F-VF LH 106.50
2610 FRENCH POLYNESIA C24-C27 1958 13fr-200fr Mother-of-Pearl Artist Set, 2018 Scott $85. VF 60.00
2611 FRENCH POLYNESIA C33 1965 50fr ITU telecommunications Photo (67K) VF NH 80.00
2612 FRENCH POLYNESIA C37 1965 50fr Skin Diver with Spear Gun Photo (54K) VF NH 90.00
2613 FRENCH POLYNESIA C45-C47,C48,C49 1968 Five different Airpost issues (C45-C47 set of three is LH in selvage only, stamps are all NH) VF NH 90.75
2614 FRENCH POLYNESIA C45-C48 1968 40fr-80fr set of three and 200fr Paul Gaugin, The Meal. Photo (52K) VF NH 74.75
2615 FRENCH POLYNESIA C52-C53 1969 48fr-52fr Underwater Fishing set of two XF NH 75.00
2616 FRENCH POLYNESIA C54 1969 100fr Bonaparte by artist Jean S. Rouillard VF NH 80.00
2617 FRENCH POLYNESIA C63-C67 1970 20fr-100fr Painting type of 1968, set of five VF NH 82.00
2618 FRENCH POLYNESIA C71-C77 ss1971 15-20fr and 15-53fr Water Sports and Sailing, two complete sets. VF NH 71.50
2619 FRENCH POLYNESIA C78-C82 1971 20fr-100fr Painting type of 1968, set of five VF NH 79.50
2620 FRENCH POLYNESIA C89-C93 1972 20fr-100fr Painting type of 1968 in set of five Photo (75K) VF NH 102.75
2621 FRENCH POLYNESIA C100-C104 1973 20fr-100fr Paintings set of five Photo (42K) VF NH 86.50
2622 FRENCH POLYNESIA C107-C111 1974 20fr-100fr Paintings by Artists living in Polynesia, set of five Photo (49K) VF NH 188.00
2623 FRENCH POLYNESIA C112-C114 1975 50fr-100fr Tahitian Aviation set of three VF NH 52.00
2624 FRENCH POLYNESIA C168 1979 150fr Children, Toys and IYC emblem in full gutter sheet of ten with margins and inscriptions. F-VF NH 120.00
2625 FRENCH POLYNESIA C202/C225 1983/1987 group of 14 different mint NH Airpost, included are C202-205, C208, C214, C215, C217, C218, C219, C221-223, C224 and C225. VF NH 67.25
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