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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3515 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 2a/9 Group of six different used including Scott #2a, 3, 4, 5b, 6 and 9. Mixed condition examples, still a nice group. Photo (25K) F-VF 400.00
3516 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 3a 1855 1p dull red on white paper with marginal watermark, slightly into design at lower right to large margins, neat triangular grid cancel Photo (28K) F-VF 200.00
3517 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 4 1855 4p blue on white paper wmk anchor, imperf, with touching to ample margins Photo (28K) F+ 60.00
3518 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 4 1855-1858 4p Blue VF 85.00
3519 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 5a 6p Rose Lilac used, Photo (27K) F-VF 400.00
3520 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 5b 6p Grayish Lilac on bluish used, large margins and light cancel, Photo (31K) VF 540.00
3521 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 6 1sh Yellow Green used, lightly cancelled and fresh with full margins, a lovely stamp, Photo (31K) XF 300.00
3522 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 12 1p Dark Carmine used, paler shade, Photo (41K) F-VF 325.00
3523 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 12 1863-1864 1p Dark carmine Photo (29K) F-VF 325.00
3524 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 13 pair 1863-1864 4p dark blue pair, Hope Seated Photo (54K) F-VF 270.00
3525 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 13c 4p Pale Grayish Blue used, VGF 75.00
3526 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 35 1882 2p bistre, watermark Crown CA, fresh mint single (SG 42 150) Photo (36K) VF 150.00
3527 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 38 1883 5sh orange, watermark Crown CA, light grid cancel (SG 45 300) Photo (33K) VF 300.00
3528 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 58 + 58b 1893 1p on 2p bistre, fresh mint vertical pair, variety no period after "PENNY" on top stamp (SG 57 + 57b 106) Photo (44K) F-VF 106.00
3529 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE Unlisted in Barefoot Agent of a Foreign Firm Licence at 25 imprint over two embossed Stamp Act 5 and 20 light blue revenue stamps - receipt dated 1887 and numbered "A-40", couple light creases in no way detract from this very appealing item. Photo (29K) F-VF 150.00
3530 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE Barefoot 138 1898 12sh Standing Hope Revenue, fresh mint single with full original gum. Barefoot cat. 75 for used Photo (55K) VF NH 100.00
3531 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE N2 1899 1p on 1p Rose, Issued in Vryburg Photo (52K) F-VF 120.00
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