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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1855 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) New Brunswick: Tobacco Tax Booklet Panes - 1940 1 black on white paper, two booklet panes of four side by side imperf between, rouletted, value at left, scarce, rarely seen in this format (Van Dam 2017 #NBT1c) $500. Photo (63K) VF NH 400.00
1856 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) KGV: Weights and Measures - stamps (x105) on 20 exhibition style pages showing pairs, strips, control number varieties, groups used on piece (often with QV weights and measure stamps as well), complete documents. A lovely starter lot with over $600. in cat.value. 300.00
1857 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) 1897 QV Weights and Measures Issue - Collection of 40 on exhibition style pages, identified, showing pairs, strips, mint, used, on document/piece, interesting control number varieties etc. 300.00
1858 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Electricity and Gas Inspection: - stamps well kept, cancelled on three documents. Numbered and Dated (generally 1934) from the Dominion of Canada each with 2-5 or more stamps per "Electricity Meter Certificate". The Van Dam catalogue lists these stamps on document as "Scarce". 100.00
1859 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Small Dealer Stock - Various Federal and Provincial revenues organized in a 3-ring dealer binder, scarcer items included such as FPS23-FPS40, F-VF 200.00
1860 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) British Columbia Telephone Franks - Various mint singles on selection cards, mostly different, ungummed as issued, a useful lot of these seldom seen stamps, Photo (34K) F-VF 359.00
1861 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Odds and Ends - Various mostly different including useful law stamps and mint NH postal scrip stamps, F-VF 140.00
1862 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB8 1864 QV 8 blue mint in UR corner block of six showing counter imprint at top, lovely deep shade, hinge and separation in the margin only, stamps are VF NH. Photo (63K) VF NH 200.00
1863 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB16 1864 QV $2 blue 85.00
1864 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB17 1864 QV $3 blue 80.00
1865 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB17 var 1864 QV $3 blue showing clear 'Spot on Cheek' variety, no gum Photo (44K) F+ 80.00
1866 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB28 1864 QV 20 blue in block of 9 reinforced with hinges, no gum Photo (94K) VF NG 150.00
1867 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB44 1868 QV 7 orange in UL Montreal and Ottawa inscription block of ten showing partial counter, a few rough/blunt perfs along bottom, six stamps are NH Photo (95K) F+ NH 100.00
1868 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB52 1868 QV $1 blue with black center in LR sheet margin block of twelve showing virtually complete "British American Bank Note Co. Montreal, and Ottawa" inscription as well as a 'mis-perforation error' resulting from a pre-perf fold. Some with disturbed gum but most are NH, a bit fragile with some perf separation. VF OG 450.00
1869 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB52-FB54 1868 QV $1-$3 Third bill issue bi-colours, $1 is NH Photo (37K) F+ PART OG 170.00
1870 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FCF2 1949-77 50 carmine Consular Fee stamps in a fresh well centered mint block of four (UL corner) VF NH 320.00
1871 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FCF3 $1.00 Orange Consular Fee, VF NH 71.25
1872 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FCF4 $2.00 Brown, scarce, F-VF NH 71.50
1873 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FCF4 $2.00 brown Consular Fee stamps, nice mint block of four, fresh and well centered, Photo (55K) VF NH 260.00
1874 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FEG1-FEG11 1930 50c-$10 Electricity & Gas Inspection, set of eleven matching Plate 1 strips of four; three strips have "KB" (K. Bileski) backstamp on each stamp, $10 blue has vertical crease on one stamp, otherwise set Photo (55K) VF NH 125.00
1875 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FEG1-FEG11 1930, 50 to $10 Set of 11 'Electricity & Gas Inspection' F-VF NH 69.50
1876 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FMW60-FMW71 1930 KGV 5 - $10 Weights and Measures Complete set of 12 F-VF NH 89.50
1877 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FPS2/ FPS22 1932-48 1/90 Postal Note & Scrip stamps, short set of 18 in blocks of four, 2017 Van Dam cat. $346. + 50% premium for NH. Photo (55K) F-VF NH 519.00
1878 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FPS9/ FPS22 1932-48 7/90 First Issue Postal Note & Scrip stamps in short set of 11 different (7,8,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90c) 2017 Van Dam $74.25 +50% for NH F-VF NH 111.00
1879 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FPS23-FPS40 1 to 90 Complete set of postal scrip stamps, Photo (34K) VF NH 177.00
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