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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1767 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Canada Scarce Revenue Item - Here is a very interesting item for your collection. It is an embossed cheque stamp from 1923 on a complete cheque of the St. Maurice Paper Co. Ltd. in Montreal. It is very unusual to find these scarce stamps on complete cheques. The current price in the Van Dam revenue catalogue is $100.00 (#FCH2a). A desirable item. 50.00
1768 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) New Brunswick: Tobacco Tax Booklet Panes - 1940 1 black on white paper, two booklet panes of four side by side imperf between, rouletted, value at left, scarce, rarely seen in this format (Van Dam 2017 #NBT1c) $500. Photo (66K) VF NH 400.00
1769 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Electricity and Gas Inspection: 1930s - stamps in fine condition, cancelled on document. Numbered and dated (generally 1934) from the Dominion of Canada, each of the three documents with 2-5 stamps per "Electricity Meter Certificate". The Van Dam catalogue lists these stamps on document as "Scarce". F-VF 100.00
1770 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Nova Scotia Bill Stamps - 1869 Issue, various used singles form the 1 to 50 values, all different, Van Dam retail $350.00, 100.00
1771 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) British Columbia Law Stamps - Various Law Stamps 1880-1980 on album pages, all different with items listing at up to $45 each, a perfect starter lot, Van Dam retail $271.00 90.00
1772 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) New Brunswick Law Stamps - A good lot of these seldom seen stamps 1884-1940, scarcer items are included with face values to $5 and catalogue values to $65, a useful lot indeed, Van Dam retail $505.00, 150.00
1773 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB5, FB10 5 and 10 blue QV Bill Stamps, ideally tied by crisp *Molson's Bank* cancels to May 9, 1865 T. Riddell cacheted bill of sale, couple of light folds but in remarkable condition for such an old and seldom seen item. Photo (28K) F-VF 475.00
1774 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB11 20 blue First Issue Bill Stamp, two singles on two-part Exchange note for 400 each, dated in Quebec, May 20th 1865. Light file folds and some perfs on top stamp folded, this issue is rarely seen on document, a showpiece. Photo (49K) F-VF 650.00
1775 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB16 1864 $2 blue First Bill, perf 12x13, a couple dull perfs F+ 50.00
1776 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FCF4 $2.00 brown Consular Fee stamps, nice mint block of four, fresh and well centered, slight bend along top, 2018 Scott $260. VF NH 200.00
1777 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FE1 1895 25 Vermilion crown F-VF 35.00
1778 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FEG1-FEG11 1930, 50 to $10 Set of 11 'Electricity & Gas Inspection' F-VF NH 69.50
1779 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FMW60-FMW71 1930 KGV 5 - $10 Weights and Measures Complete set of 12 F-VF NH 89.50
1780 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FX94 $100 Green used, F-VF 27.00
1781 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FX96 3 Blue, a nice mint coil strip of four, F-VF NH 48.00
1782 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FX96b 3 Blue coil paste-up strip of four, scarce, Photo (67K) F-VF NH 69.00
1783 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FX103/FX111 1934-48 1/5 on 3/20 to on 3/8 (less FX106) in eight blocks of four Photo (38K) F-VF NH 252.00
1784 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FX121 14 on $2 Green mint, shows reverse offset variety of the surcharge, Photo (25K) F-VF LH 50.00
1785 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FX125 1934-48 14 on $4 Red Overprint in 7x2 Block of 14 Photo (189K) F+ 450.00
1786 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) NBL16-NBL17 1940 $1 and $2 Law Stamps, nice used, VF 70.00
1787 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) NBT1d Horizontal pair imperf. between, from top of pane with upper margin and notation, 1 black on white paper ungummed as issued Photo (31K) VF NH 75.00
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