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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2176 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Revenue Plate Blocks of 50, 60 and 75 - three different inscription plate blocks of eight, Electricity and Gas Inspection stamps dated series 1930 with blue inscription numbers. They are the 50, 60 and 75 values (van Dam #FEG1, FEG2 and FEG3), some minor perf separation noted, otherwise VF NH. 75.00
2177 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Scarce New Brunswick Item - #NBT1, 1 Black on White Paper, Tobacco Tax stamp in a rarely seen cross-sheet blocks of 44 stamps (4 rows of 11 across), comprised of 11 imperforate between booklet panes, a seldom seen item in nice condition, catalogue value is $2,750.00+, VF 600.00
2178 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Duck Stamp Collection - A lovely collection of Federal and Provincial Wildlife Conservation Issues mounted on pages, all provinces are represented except Quebec, all different except for the Federal Issues where there is two of each, catalogue value is over $3,800.00 (face value alone exceeds $1,000.00), a super lot in nice condition, VF NH 750.00
2179 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Small Dealer Stock - Various Federal and Provincial revenues organized in a 3-ring dealer binder, scarcer items included such as FPS23-FPS40, F-VF 200.00
2180 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) New Brunswick: Tobacco Tax Booklet Panes - 1940 1 black on white paper, two booklet panes of four side by side imperf between, rouletted, value at left, scarce, rarely seen in this format (Van Dam 2017 #NBT1c) $500. Photo (63K) VF NH 400.00
2181 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) KGV: Weights and Measures - stamps (x105) on 20 exhibition style pages showing pairs, strips, control number varieties, groups used on piece (often with QV weights and measure stamps as well), complete documents. A lovely starter lot with over $600. in cat.value. 300.00
2182 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) 1897 QV Weights and Measures Issue - Collection of 40 on exhibition style pages, identified, showing pairs, strips, mint, used, on document/piece, interesting control number varieties etc. 300.00
2183 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) British Columbia Telephone Franks - Various mint singles on selection cards, mostly different, ungummed as issued, a useful lot of these seldom seen stamps, Photo (34K) F-VF 359.00
2184 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Odds and Ends - Various mostly different including useful law stamps and mint NH postal scrip stamps, F-VF 140.00
2185 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Electric Light Inspection: 1928 - certificate affixed with FE10, FE11 (x3), FE12 (x5), FE15 and FE14b (x9) - a possibly unique, jump control number strip of nine, used on document. The document fee was $37.05 and is dated Dec. 28, 1928. 400.00
2186 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Yukon - Lot of Nine Documents, ex. Shively - 1950-53 displayed on exhibit pages with description, includes "Small Debt - Dispute Note" (2), "Summons" (5) and "Affidavit and Order for Payment Out" (2). Most are affixed with YL13 25c on 10c but noted one with block of three showing "OTTAWA" imprint in margin at top and one with an unoverprinted 50c blue (YL9). Couple with minor faults but generally nice condition; a scarce group. F-VF 400.00
2187 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) First Bill Stamp Issue - Three Promisary Notes. The first is for $3,000. franked with nine examples of FB10, the second is for $4,500 franked with FB4 and FB10(13) and the last is for $1,500 with FB5 and FB11(2). A few stamps have minor faults but the documents appear F-VF. Documents listed as "Very Rare" for first Bill Issue. F-VF 275.00
2188 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) 1865 Second Bill Issue Proofs, in Pairs - The complete set of sixteen Plate Proof Pairs in the issued colours on india paper (less the 20 pair) beautifully engraved with fresh colours and large margins, a Very Fine and desirable showpiece set of FB18/FB36. 1300.0
2189 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) 1888 Law Stamp franked Postal Card - 1888 (March 25) 1c Grey postal card postmarked Belleville MR 25 88 to Toronto; on arrival it was decided that the information written on the back of card should be entered as evidence in a legal case - an Ontario 10c red Law Stamp (perforations clipped) was affixed to the front of card and fiscal cancelled by two "C" shaped punctures and handstamped "Filed MAR 26 1888 / F. Arnoldi / Clerk in Chambers". Surface thin and creasing at top left of card. A most unusual and no doubt, unique genuine franking of a Law Stamp on a Canadian postal card, Fine. 400.00
2190 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) Rare Tobacco Proofs - an exceptional offer of a rare group of twenty different tobacco stamp proofs. They are all Canadian and date from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Condition is generally very fine, spectacular engraving by the American Bank Note Company, nice addition to any Canada Revenue collection. 400.00
2191 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB7 First Bill Issue: Plate Block of 25 - 1864 QV 7 blue in UR Plate Block of 25 showing Large Script "SEVEN CENTS" at UR. One small fault, a few rough perfs and two tone spots noted, but we offer 20+ F-VF mint NH stamps in one large block. 2017 Van Dam cat. FB7 value for NH is over $1,000 for the stamps alone. F-VF NH 450.00
2192 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB17 QV 1864: Block of 24 - QV $3 blue in UL block of 24 (6x4). The selvedge is complete along two sides and the overall condition for this large, high value multiple is quite impressive. Typical uneven gum with some disturbance and hinge re-enforcement along some perfs. 2017 Van Dam FB17 cat. value $1,920. F-VF OG 1350.0
2193 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB37 Top Plate Strip of 30: QV 1868 - QV 1 brown in top plate block of 30 (10x3) showing two separate complete BABN CO. Montreal and Ottawa Inscriptions and the large script "ONE CENT" counter in the middle. Right selvedge is missing, left is present, the block has been folded in the center and there are minor gum disturbances. A showpiece of FB37. F-VF NH 100.00
2194 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB39 Inscription Block of 30: QV 1868 - QV 2 orange in UL inscription block of 30 FB39 showing large script "TWO CENTS" counter and Montreal and Ottawa inscription. Part of upper selvedge is missing (affecting inscription) and appears to have pen marks on several stamps. F-VF OG 75.00
2195 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB40 Inscription Block of 21: QV 1868 - QV 3 green in UL inscription block of 21 (7x3) FB40 showing complete large script "THREE CENTS" counter and BABN Co. Montreal and Ottawa inscription. Was folded between bottom rows leaving some creasing. F+ NH 75.00
2196 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB41 Inscription Block of 20: QV 1868 - QV 4 brown UL block of 20 FB41 showing complete BABN Co. Montreal and Ottawa inscription and partial counter, some perf separation in margin, 50% premium for NH. F+ NH 150.00
2197 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB42 Block of 25: QV 1868 - QV 5 orange in block of 25, FB42. F+ NH 75.00
2198 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB45 Inscription Block of 18: QV 1868 - QV 8 brown LR, BABN Co. Montreal and Ottawa inscription block of 18 FB45 showing complete inscription in bottom selvedge. Some perf separation at bottom and an excellent example of the hand application of gum, missing 1/3 of three stamps. 2017 Van Dam cat. 202.50 for NH. F-VF NH 150.00
2199 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB47 Inscription Block of 25: QV 1868 - QV 10 blue in LR Inscription block of 25 with full BABN Co. Montreal and Ottawa imprint at bottom. Many stamps are NH, but there is some dist. gum and tiny part of corner selvedge is missing. Striking multiple of FB47. 2017 Van Dam cat. value F+ 150.00
2200 CANADA REVENUES (FEDERAL) FB49 1868 Third Bill Issue Plate Strip - 1868 QV 30 blue in UL plate strip of eight showing full counter imprint and second partial imprint, lightly dist. OG 100.00
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