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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2659 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS Parcel of Canadian Plate Blocks:1940s/1970s - The approximate catalogue value of this lot is $2,000. An assemblage of over 650 Plate Blocks mostly in very fine condition, either NH or H. Better numbers such as #492, back of the book as #CE1, E11, higher values like #294, 301, 316, 320, 321, 334, 343, 351, 362, and 363. Many KGVI period, QEII Karsh and Wilding and other nice surprises present including official overprinted blocks. F-VF 350.00
2660 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS Perforated OHMS Plate Blocks - Fifteen different mint official plate blocks, rarely seen, includes mint #O232, O241, O242, O250, O252, O255, O59, O260 (2), O268, O269 (2), O270 and O271(2), a very nice group, mostly F-VF LH, also three used blocks not counted, a great start on this fascinating area Photo (53K) 400.00
2661 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS Plate Block Definitives: 1971/1982 - Attractive group of 95 First Day Covers featuring 16 different matched sets of four corners. Scott range is #533/945 Definitives only, includes both small (14) and official size envelopes all affixed with plate blocks (23 different) and booklet panes (17 with duplication). Photo (30K) 150.00
2662 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 85 2 Map Stamp plate imprint strip of ten, fresh mint, Photo (32K) VF NH 1800.0
2663 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 90 2 Carmine, a choice Plate 72 strip of three, post office fresh, hinged in ungummed portion of selvedge only, stamps are Photo (43K) VF NH 1050.0
2664 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 90 2 Carmine, a well centered, exceptionally fresh mint lower margin Plate 74 strip of three, a lovely item, Photo (41K) VF NH 1050.0
2665 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 98a 2 Carmine, a choice mint imperforate pair, fresh and large margined, Photo (59K) VF LH 1000.0
2666 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 117a 10 Blue, a very scarce plate #A21 upper left strip of ten, straight edged stamp at right hinged, otherwise Photo (19K) VF NH 1960.0
2667 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 119c 20 Dark Olive Green plate #A5 upper right strip of ten, hinge between two stamps, the other eight are NH, plate strips of the 20 are very scarce, Photo (20K) F-VF 750.00
2668 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 138 3 Carmine imperforate plate A128 block of eight showing full type D lathework at foot, six stamps are NH Photo (55K) VF LH 750.00
2669 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 138 3 Carmine plate #A127 block of fourteen, shows full type D lathework in the lower margin, all but four stamps are NH, a lovely item, Photo (30K) VF 900.00
2670 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 146 5 Violet plate No. A-1 block of eight, Photo (64K) VF NH 150.00
2671 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 147 12 Green plate #A-1 upper right strip of ten, small flaw on one of the straight edged stamps at left, VF NH 400.00
2672 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 156 1929 12 grey Quebec Bridge in an attractive Plate #A-2 upper right block of ten, scarce. Photo (31K) F-VF NH 900.00
2673 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 168 4 Yellow Bistre plate #2 upper left block, LH in margin only, stamps are Photo (57K) F-VF NH 100.00
2674 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 175 20 Brown Red plate #1 upper right block, fresh mint, Photo (48K) F-VF NH 460.00
2675 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 194 13 Green plate #2 upper right block of four, VF LH 120.00
2676 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 194 13 Green plate #2 upper right block, Photo (46K) VF NH 240.00
2677 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 215 10 Green plate #2 upper right block of six, Photo (72K) VF NH 225.00
2678 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 244 50 Green Vancouver Harbour a choice mint plate #1 upper right block, Photo (48K) VF NH 450.00
2679 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 271 20 Grain Harvester plate #1 matched set of plate blocks, VF NH 180.00
2680 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 404p 1963 QEII 4 carmine Cameo, matched set of Winnipeg tagged blank corner blocks VF NH 30.00
2681 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 455xx 2 Green matched set of precancelled corner blocks, lower pairs of each block are NH, a scarce set, Photo (50K) VF LH 720.00
2682 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 465B $1.00 Wildcat plate #1 upper right strip of ten, VF NH 88.00
2683 CANADA PLATE BLOCKS 926A 1987 QEII 36 Plum in matched set of four blank corner blocks sealed in Post Office wrapping. Inscription blocks of this stamp do not exist. VF NH 80.00
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