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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1728 CANADA COVERS Small Queen On Scarce 1879 Postal Note - Scott #36, 2c green Small Queen used fiscally, manuscript cancelled and affixed on September 1, 1879 Financial Document (in French), light creases away from stamp, fine and very scarce. Photo (23K) 200.00
1729 CANADA COVERS Striking Cameo Issue Inking Variety - 4c red Cameo (24x20.75mm; dotted hair) Postal Envelope size #10 showing a very blurred impression of the issue due to OVERINKING. Unlisted in Webb an neat item for the specialist. Webb EN79a + var. Photo (12K) VF 60.00
1730 CANADA COVERS King George V Compound Die Envelope - KGV 1 and 2 green embossed on Electoral Postal Envelope, Stationery of the Chief Electoral Officer, Ottawa. Unused, VF condition. 30.00
1731 CANADA COVERS Canada World War Period II Military Covers - featuring over 25 different items. Various covers including several Field Post Offices, envelope sizes, types, clear frankings, and destinations making this a very colorful lot. Practically all mailed to Canada with the exception of a few mailed to USA and overseas with such destinations as Switzerland and England. Some redirected, opened and examined by Censors etc. 300.00
1732 CANADA COVERS New Brunswick Business Corner Cards - from the early 1900s - a dozen all franked with Scott # 98 and mailed to St. John. Many small town split rings including Beaver Harbour, Wilsons Beach, North Head, Grand Harbour, Blacks Harbour, Lord's Cover and St. George, some with duplicates. Generally the covers are complete and reasonably well opened with overall soiling. Great for the NB cancel collector. Photo (28K) Photo 2 (28K) 100.00
1733 CANADA COVERS Small Queen Cover Lot of Six - Nice group of the 3c rate. Includes one legal sized with CDS 9 grid duplex "Hamilton Canada SEP 11 95" (U of T Voting Papers) - the rest are letter size and show stamps from both the Montreal and the Ottawa printings. Lovely 3 ring "St. John NB Canada OC 29 80" Condition is generally F-VF with the odd soil mark. Photo (23K) Photo 2 (23K) Photo 3 (19K) 100.00
1734 CANADA COVERS Diamond Jubilee Issue Covers - A nice lot of ten covers in mounts on album pages, includes a single 2 used 1905, then all with 1897 dates including four drop letters with a single 1, a strip of three 1 from Truro with squared circles Sept. 2, 1897, and finally four single 3 covers from Toronto or Montreal with flag cancellations, an interesting lot, ex Graham McCleave Photo (49K) Photo 2 (49K) F-VF 250.00
1735 CANADA COVERS Acknowledgement of Receipt - Two cards, one franked with #117, the other with #118. Lovely pair. VF 50.00
1736 CANADA COVERS Saint John, NB Covers - Two advertising covers from 1899 (The James Robertson Co. and Percy B. Evans Wholesale Grocer) franked with QV 2c purple tied with St. John NB duplex cancels plus a photograph mailer franked with a 1 orange yellow Admiral. Photo (23K) Photo 2 (23K) Photo 3 (40K) 75.00
1737 CANADA COVERS QV Patriotic 1900 - Montreal to Toronto - Brilliant and ever popular Red Ensign style cover franked with #77 tied by an "A" Montreal flag cancel dated May 14, '00. Striking cover. Photo (31K) F-VF 150.00
1738 CANADA COVERS First Flight Stater Collection: 1928 / 1939 - of 50 different. Most dates are in the late '20s to early '30s - often with C1 frankings. Unusual to find such a nice lot of early covers unsorted and in a large lot bulk. Domestic flights from many areas of Canada along with a few International from Canada to the US are represented. 200.00
1739 CANADA COVERS Coaticoo, PQ to Norway - Feb. 2, 1903 - Ten cent UPU double letter rate cover franked with 1c, 2 (X2) and 5 QV Numerals tied with CDS Coaticoo, Que FE 2 03 grid cancels. Reverse with Feb. 2 and 17, 1903 transit and receiver cancels. Partial tone on front. Photo (41K) 125.00
1740 CANADA COVERS "City of Ottawa" Ja 27, 1863 to Quebec - FREE on pale yellow "Ottawa CITIZEN" office business cover with next day Quebec backstamp to Crown Lands Dept. Small mounting adhesion on reverse. VF 100.00
1741 CANADA COVERS Hamilton, CW to Berlin, UC - Sept. 28, 1863 - Clean domestic, manila coloured envelope with "Unpaid 7" indicating the fee due upon delivery. Crisp front strikes, next day receiver on reverse is fainter. Photo (22K) 100.00
1742 CANADA COVERS Port-Neuf LC to Quebec, Oct. 18, 1863 - Legal sized folded cover with "7" indicating the fee due upon delivery. Next day Quebec receiving mark on reverse. Couple of minor tape stains. Photo (21K) 75.00
1743 CANADA COVERS Somerset CE to Quebec: Oct. 21, 1863 - Legal sized folded envelope with manuscript "2" over handstamped "7" indicating the fee due upon delivery - seven cents postage and two cents carriage fee = Nine Cents total. Next day Quebec receiving mark on reverse. Unusual rate with additional "Too Late" marking. Photo (18K) 75.00
1744 CANADA COVERS Montreal to Plymouth, England Sept. 11, 1863 - Folded cover sheet with red Montreal Tombstone cancel and manuscript "6" and "7" for sterling currency, which is interesting as decimal currency had been used for four years. Carried by the S. S. Jura. Photo (23K) 100.00
1745 CANADA COVERS Toronto to Stratford UC: Feb. 7, 1863 - Domestic Registered legal sized cover showing both "Paid 5" and "Registered" handstamps indicating that 5 cents postage and 2 cents registration fees had been paid in cash. Feb. 9th receiver on reverse. Photo (20K) 100.00
1746 CANADA COVERS Montreal to Boston: July 16, 1863 - Clean cover franked with a 5 cent beaver stamp which underpays the US postage fee of 10 by 5. The deficiency (of 5) is doubled to 10, indicated by the manuscript "10" and was due upon delivery. Small portion of back flap is missing - no transit or receiving markings. Photo (25K) 100.00
1747 CANADA COVERS St. Catharines ON to New York: Fe 24, 1863 - Ten cent rate to the US properly prepaid with two 5 Beavers which are tied by St. Catharines CDS and light grid cancels. Adhesions on back with additional faint marking. Photo (25K) F-VF 200.00
1748 CANADA COVERS Lambton CE to St. Joseph Beauce PQ: Feb. 25, 1863 - Domestic Registered cover handstamped "7" cents (collect) and showing a straight line "Registered" for which the fee (2) was paid in cash making this a Prepaid Registered - Postage collect cover and very interesting as such. Next day receiver on reverse. Photo (26K) 200.00
1749 CANADA COVERS Quebec to Niagara: Aug. 14, 1863 - Domestic "FREE" cover from John Simpson MP with straightline FREE, red Legislative Assembly Shield cancel and Aug. 17 transit and receivers on reverse. Photo (23K) 150.00
1750 CANADA COVERS Eppstadt First Day Cover - Scott #143, 3 Carmine tied to multi-colour first day cover from Ottawa June 29, 1927, scarce, Photo (36K) VF 200.00
1751 CANADA COVERS Eppstadt First Day Cover - Scott #141, 1 Orange pair tied to multi-colour first day cover from Ottawa June 29, 1927, Photo (36K) VF 200.00
1752 CANADA COVERS Eppstadt First Day Cover - Scott #143, 3 Carmine tied to multi-colour first day cover from Maxville June 29, 1927, scarce, Photo (35K) VF 200.00
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