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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2052 CANADA COVERS First Day Cover Album - Group of FDCs in a binder, from about 1999 to 2009, includes some postal cards and envelopes, joint issues, two hockey FDCs autographed by Guy Lafleur, an interesting lot, ex Paulton collection, 120.00
2053 CANADA COVERS Small Queen Cover to India - 10 Dull Rose (#45a) tied by June 18, 1891 Dundas postmark to cover to Madras, nice SEA POST OFFICE backstamp July 14, pays the 5 UPU rate plus 5 surtax for a long sea route, Photo (23K) F-VF 200.00
2054 CANADA COVERS 8 Small Queen Covers - Two covers both registered, the first from Landsdown, Ont. to Toronto Mar. 27, 1896; the second from Saint John to New York Dec. 7, 1896, mounted on an album page with descriptive write-up, Photo (26K) Photo 2 (26K) F-VF 120.00
2055 CANADA COVERS Small Queen Covers to Germany - Three covers franked with single 5 Small Queen Issue (Scott #42) and sent to Germany, each with a different 1897 FLAG CANCELLATION and clear receiver backstamp, the first March 30 with "E" in cancel, the next Apr. 20 with "F" in cancel and finally Sept. 21 with Jubilee cancel and strait line 'Via New York', a very nice trip of covers that would look exceptional when displayed together, 325.00
2056 CANADA COVERS Canada Wartime Cover to Switzerland - Scott #257 and 260, 10 and 20 War Issue tied by Montreal roller cancel to Airmail envelope to St. Gallen, censor seal at left, also "Geoffnet" cancels in red on reverse showing eagle and swastika. F-VF 50.00
2057 CANADA COVERS Empress of Britain Postcard - Scott #162, 1 orange Arch Issue (x3) tied by Swift Current machine cancel to Canadian Pacific Steamship illustrated postcard to Vienna, Austria. VF 40.00
2058 CANADA COVERS Small Dealer Stock - of about 100 covers - QV / QEII, mixed condition but some interesting items; should be quite useful for a cover collector/dealer. 150.00
2059 CANADA COVERS Postcards of Digby, Nova Scotia - Lighthouse cover album with over sixty items, most are old postcards of Digby, many nice items including four patriotics, ex Graham McCleave collection, a nice lot with many cards in the $15 to $20 range. Photo (66K) F-VF 275.00
2060 CANADA COVERS Cover Album of Various - Covers, over 50 different displayed in a padded album, we note some earlier Small Queens to Admirals, most are modern unaddressed with first day and events covers in the 1990s, a Kaulbach Island, a couple USA, a pilot signed airmail, etc. Photo (46K) F-VF 100.00
2061 CANADA COVERS Admiral Coil on Cover - 2 Carmine (#127) scissor separated and tied to Dec. 21, 1926 cover to Switzerland Photo (22K) F-VF 100.00
2062 CANADA COVERS Scroll Coils Cover - Scott #161, 2 Green coil pair tied to advertising cover by Halifax June 13, 1932 cancellation, pays the double domestic letter rate, scarce on cover, Photo (34K) F-VF 75.00
2063 CANADA COVERS House of Assembly CDS - Ontario - duplex cancel in blue on piece ties (strip of three) of 3 cent small queens, dated MAR 31, 1896, appears to have been misperfed (less one perf between) 50.00
2064 CANADA COVERS Hamilton ON to New York: 1853 - Mar. 9, 1853 folded lettersheet franked with an expertly repaired four margin #2- the 6p slate violet on laid paper tied by five ring cancel. Markings include double split ring "Hamilton C.W. MR 9 1853" in black, double line "Canada Paid Cts" in red and a US (MAR N.Y. Suspension Bridge?) large receiving mark in blue. Cat. value for a cover is $2000. Photo (24K) VF APP 700.00
2065 CANADA COVERS Toronto to Berlin (Kitchener) Canada - dispatch dated (SP 1 59) and franked with the Rare perforated 3p red Beaver (Scott #12) tied with light grid cancel. "Berlin, U.C. SP 2 1859" double arc receiver on reverse. Filing data added to front and part of back flap missing, otherwise VF. Cat. value is $1,750. Photo (31K) 800.00
2066 CANADA COVERS Montreal Drop Letter: 1855 - Stampless p small blue drop letter, stampless cover, with neat 1/2 Rate handstamp in black and double arc "Montreal U.C. MY 26 1855". Photo (25K) 75.00
2067 CANADA COVERS Goderich U.C. to Clinton U.C: 1860 - Small blue stampless envelope showing attractive CDS "GODERICH U.C. NOV 19 1860" double ring, sent to Clinton, handstamped with red "PAID 5" strait line and Clinton arrival backstamp. 50.00
2068 CANADA COVERS Full Text Advertising Cover: 1859 New York - of "The Albion" A Weekly Journal of News of WM Young & Co. New York. Cover is pen cancelled with script "PAID" and CDS "NEW YORK AUG 24 PAID" in brown red. Addressed to Toronto, CW. Reverse with small split ring "Toronto AU 28 59", missing portion of backstamp, fragile cover. Photo (31K) 40.00
2069 CANADA COVERS Queen Victoria on Illustrated Advertising Cover - 2 carmine franked to Wood Bros., Grain, Flour and Produce Merchants. Stamp tied by strong clear "Brantford Ont, Ja 25 00" CDS, addressed to Moncton, NB. Reverse receiving cancel "Moncton NB Ja 29 00". Photo (29K) VF 60.00
2070 CANADA COVERS "TEA" Sunbeam Blend - Red and Blue - Advertising cover of J. Harvey Brown, Direct Importer of Tea, St. John, N.B. Franked with 2 carmine QV and tied by clean CDS "St. John, N.B. NO 6 02" addressed to Arichat, C.B. Reverse with receiving cancel "Arichat NS No 8 02". Photo (29K) 75.00
2071 CANADA COVERS 1894 Corner Advertising Cover - of John H Jones & Co., Importers framed by an embossed belted design in blue. Franked with 1 and 2 Small Queen issues paying the 3 rate, tied by large "Montreal Oc 2 94" duplex 12 line grid and addressed to New York. Reverse with small and neat "New York, N.Y. Rec'd Oct 3 1894" CDS, VF condition. Photo (30K) 75.00
2072 CANADA COVERS Advertising Cover of Librairie CO Beauchemin & Fils - illustrated in French with full back printed in red. Franked with 3 small queen and tied with well centered "Montreal OC 22 95". Cover is reduced slightly on right side. Photo (31K) 40.00
2073 CANADA COVERS 1895 Lancashire Insurance Company, Toronto - illustrated advertising on preprinted receipt form, very early Private Postcard use Square Circle "Toronto, Canada OC 25 95" ties 1 Small Queen, addressed to Gore Bay, Ont with Square Circle receiving backstamp Oc 28 95. F-VF condition. Photo (30K) 75.00
2074 CANADA COVERS 1896 Advertising Postcard of - The Toronto Feather & Down Co. Ltd announcing a representative is coming and features a large swan. Preprinted on Scott UX11 1 black, tied by numeral 1 "Toronto, Canada Jun 24 96" duplex cancel. VF condition Photo (26K) 60.00
2075 CANADA COVERS 1910 The Dominion of Canada Insurance Company - corner illustrated advertising cover depicting Coat of Arms and Maple Leaf monogrammed "D" . Franked 1 KEVII with CDS 3C machine cancel "Toronto, Ont Jul 6 1910". Reverse with company seal on backflap and CDS receiving cancel "Prescott Jul 6 10" Photo (22K) VF 40.00
2076 CANADA COVERS 1909 The Canadian Fairbanks Co. Limited - Canada's Largest Machinery and Mill Supply House, illustrated advertising cover depicting a globe and various machine parts. Franked with two 1 KEVII and tied by CDS machine cancel "Toronto, Ont Jun 25 1909". Cross border cover addressed to Worcestor, Mass. with reverse CDS machine receiving cancel "Worcester, Mass Jun 26 1909". F-VF Photo (28K) 50.00
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