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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1663 CANADA COVERS Six Penny Grayish Purple - Scott #2, 6p Slate Violet on cover from Dundas, UC to New York, then redirected to Boston with additional 5 fee indicated by "5" handstamp at upper right, also double line "Canada Paid Cts" in red, Hamilton backstamp, the stamp is tied by concentric rings, a fancy cork and a New York CDS as a result of the redirection (covers to the US did not normally receive a US postmark), fine and rare usage. Ex. DeVolpi, Richardson and Wilkinson collections. Photo (39K) F-VF 1500.0
1664 CANADA COVERS Official First Day Covers: 1973 to 1979 - Commemoratives, (253) mostly all in very good condition, virtually complete for the period, franking offered as 139 different singles, 82 different pairs, 15 different blocks, as well as 17 small sets on single covers. Noted complete set of 26 Montreal Olympics sporting event cancels including opening and closing ceremony and two signed covers. F-VF 225.00
1665 CANADA COVERS Striking Cameo Issue Inking Variety - 4c red Cameo (24x20.75mm; dotted hair) Postal Envelope size #10 showing a very blurred impression of the issue due to OVERINKING. Unlisted in Webb an neat item for the specialist. Webb EN79a + var. Photo (12K) VF 60.00
1666 CANADA COVERS King George V Compound Die Envelope - KGV 1 and 2 green embossed on Electoral Postal Envelope, Stationery of the Chief Electoral Officer, Ottawa. Unused, VF condition. 30.00
1667 CANADA COVERS First Flight Stater Collection: 1928 / 1939 - of 50 different. Most dates are in the late '20s to early '30s - often with C1 frankings. Unusual to find such a nice lot of early covers unsorted and in a large lot bulk. Domestic flights from many areas of Canada along with a few International from Canada to the US are represented. 200.00
1668 CANADA COVERS Eppstadt First Day Cover - Scott #143, 3 Carmine tied to multi-colour first day cover from Ottawa June 29, 1927, scarce, Photo (36K) VF 200.00
1669 CANADA COVERS Eppstadt First Day Cover - Scott #141, 1 Orange pair tied to multi-colour first day cover from Ottawa June 29, 1927, Photo (36K) VF 200.00
1670 CANADA COVERS Eppstadt First Day Cover - Scott #143, 3 Carmine tied to multi-colour first day cover from Maxville June 29, 1927, scarce, Photo (35K) VF 200.00
1671 CANADA COVERS First Flight Selection - of approx. 50 different. Flights range from the 1920s to the 1950s with the vast majority in the highly collectable late 1920s to early 1930s. Noted lots of early airmail stamps and the odd mixed franking. Many interesting cachets and lots of nice CDS cancels, many from western Canada. F-VF 150.00
1672 CANADA COVERS Eppstadt First Day Cover - Scott #142, 2 Green tied to multi-coloured first day cover postmarked Ottawa June 29,1927, Photo (47K) 125.00
1673 CANADA COVERS Eppstadt First Day Cover - Scott #143, 3 Carmine tied by Maxville postmark June 29, 1927, scarce, Photo (42K) 200.00
1674 CANADA COVERS Peace Issue First Day Covers - Scott #268-273, C9, CE3 and E11 -- 8 to $1.00 Peace Issue complete with the 7 airmail, 10 special delivery and 17 airmail special delivery, all tied to four lovely cacheted first day covers from Montreal on the day of issue Sept. 16, 1946, a lovely lot, Photo (36K) 75.00
1675 CANADA COVERS Medallion Issue - Scott #195-201, 1 to 13 Medallion Issue on six different first day covers all addressed to Brooklyn but cancelled in six different cities, a nice lot, Photo (20K) 200.00
1676 CANADA COVERS Airmail First Day Cover - Scott #C1, 5 Brown Olive on Sept. 21, 1928 first day cover, F-VF 125.00
1677 CANADA COVERS Ten Cent Small Queen - Single Use - on partial cover/wrapper. Domestic usage and likely prepaying a very unusual 5x rate. Thought to be dated 1884. Uncommon. Wrapper has been folded causing some separation. 200.00
1678 CANADA COVERS Small Queen Cover - RARE Destination - Shows St. John Squared Circle (NB FE 11 97 Canada) on reverse and 3 partials on front along with clear receiver "TURKS ISLANDS FE 23 97". Franked with 2x 2 and a 1 paying the 5 UPU rate. Opened on the left. Two stamps have faults and there are two creases in the envelope, uncommon cover. 150.00
1679 CANADA COVERS UK to Halifax NS - 1851 - Blue Lettersheet carried via "Cambria". Noted a 1/3 manuscript (collect) 10, LS date stamp of "Fe 17 1851" in squared cross and "Fe 18" in rounded corner square along with red circled crowned cross on the front. Partial red wax seal of Brandron Brothers on reverse. Photo (27K) 150.00
1680 CANADA COVERS 1970 Winnipeg Tagged FDC Set - of 10 Covers. First 8 each franked with one pair of #519p-521p, 523p-#524p, 526p-528p and the highlight of group is the two additional covers each franked with Center Block #522pi and #525pi. Each franking is tied with CDS "Winnipeg, Manitoba 7 X 70" and autographed by Kasimir Bileski in light pencil, VF, Scott Unitrade Cat. 2017 $420. Photo (51K) 275.00
1681 CANADA COVERS Fancy "N" cancel on 3 Small Queen - domestic letter, CDS dispatch "Welland Ont MY 25 83" sent to Fonthill, Ont. QV 3 orange (oxidized) Small Queen tied by Fancy Intaglio "N" cancel (Lacelle 620). Script calculations on back. Photo (22K) 60.00
1682 CANADA COVERS Mount Albert Fancy STAR Cancel - QV 3 orange Small Queen (toned from age and hinged back to cover), tied by Fancy Five Point Star in Circle (Lacelle 976) cancel, CDS "Mount Albert Ont AP 19 83" sent to Markham Villages (no backstamp), with contents. Photo (20K) 50.00
1683 CANADA COVERS Gravenhurst Fancy "A" Cancel - 3 Small Queen tied by a light but legible strike of Fancy "A" in Vertical Grid (D&S 358, Lacelle 208) CDS "Gravenhurst Ont SP 9 86" to Enniskillen with "Bowmanville Ont SP 11 86" transit backstamp, age tone and flap missing. Photo (20K) 50.00
1684 CANADA COVERS QV Numeral Paying Picture Postcard Rate to Italy: 1907 - Queen Victoria "Numeral" tied by 3 ring orb cancel dated SE 13 1907 sent from OTTAWA to Este, ITALY (no receiver) but handstamped in French "stamp on view side" and "printed matter". Picture showing Statue of George-Etienne Cartier. Slightly worn on edges. Unusual rate item. Photo (36K) 75.00
1685 CANADA COVERS 5 Small Queen Covers: 1881/1995 - lot of six, five to England, Scotland or Ireland and one to France, intriguing postmarks such as a red "Paid Liverpool US Packet 24 DE 81", black "Paid Glasgow Packet 8 My 83", "Halifax, NS JY 4 84", "Dublin Jy 25 81", triple ring Toronto and more. Great addition to a Small Queen rate study, some age tone. Photo (51K) 225.00
1686 CANADA COVERS Carcross, Yukon to Whitehorse, Yukon - First Flight cover franked with #107 and #CL42, tied by split ring "Carcross Yukon AP 13 28" duplex grid cancel. Bright, coloured center advertising for Yukon Airways & Exploration, no receiving markings. Photo (29K) VF 75.00
1687 CANADA COVERS Montreal to France: 1903 - Private Picture Post Card (Chateau Frontenac side view from Lower Town) franked with a 1 KEVII on the front. Wavy line duplex "Montreal Canada Sep 18 1903", reverse with French "Etranger (stranger) 29 9 03" receiving. Quite unusual. 50.00
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