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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1912 CANADA COVERS Toronto to Switzerland: Aug. 18, '93 - U3, 1 Postal stationery envelope with two additional 2 Small Queens paying the 5 UPU rate to Switzerland. Cover is a bit aged. Photo (1255K) 75.00
1913 CANADA COVERS Fancy "N" cancel on 3 Small Queen - domestic letter, CDS dispatch "Welland Ont MY 25 83" sent to Fonthill, Ont. QV 3 orange (oxidized) Small Queen tied by Fancy Intaglio "N" cancel (Lacelle 620). Script calculations on back. Photo (1743K) 60.00
1914 CANADA COVERS Mount Albert Fancy STAR Cancel - QV 3 orange Small Queen (toned from age and hinged back to cover), tied by Fancy Five Point Star in Circle (Lacelle 976) cancel, CDS "Mount Albert Ont AP 19 83" sent to Markham Villages (no backstamp), with contents. Photo (1182K) 50.00
1915 CANADA COVERS Gravenhurst Fancy "A" Cancel - 3 Small Queen tied by a light but legible strike of Fancy "A" in Vertical Grid (D&S 358, Lacelle 208) CDS "Gravenhurst Ont SP 9 86" to Enniskillen with "Bowmanville Ont SP 11 86" transit backstamp, age tone and flap missing. Photo (1492K) 50.00
1916 CANADA COVERS QV Numeral Paying Picture Postcard Rate to Italy: 1907 - Queen Victoria "Numeral" tied by 3 ring orb cancel dated SE 13 1907 sent from OTTAWA to Este, ITALY (no receiver) but handstamped in French "stamp on view side" and "printed matter". Picture showing Statue of George-Etienne Cartier. Slightly worn on edges. Unusual rate item. Photo (2379K) 75.00
1917 CANADA COVERS 5 Small Queen Covers: 1881/1995 - lot of six, five to England, Scotland or Ireland and one to France, intriguing postmarks such as a red "Paid Liverpool US Packet 24 DE 81", black "Paid Glasgow Packet 8 My 83", "Halifax, NS JY 4 84", "Dublin Jy 25 81", triple ring Toronto and more. Great addition to a Small Queen rate study, some age tone. Photo (4647K) 225.00
1918 CANADA COVERS Canada to US - Two 2 postal stationery envelopes (U7) uprated with a pair of Small Queens paying the 3 rate to US. Both are 1895 usages and there is a re-entry indicated in the UL of one stamp, reverse with 1895 NY receivers. Photo (3653K) 75.00
1919 CANADA COVERS Carcross, Yukon to Whitehorse, Yukon - First Flight cover franked with #107 and #CL42, tied by split ring "Carcross Yukon AP 13 28" duplex grid cancel. Bright, coloured center advertising for Yukon Airways & Exploration, no receiving markings. Photo (1940K) VF 75.00
1920 CANADA COVERS Montreal to France: 1903 - Private Picture Post Card (Chateau Frontenac side view from Lower Town) franked with a 1 KEVII on the front. Wavy line duplex "Montreal Canada Sep 18 1903", reverse with French "Etranger (stranger) 29 9 03" receiving. Quite unusual. 50.00
1921 CANADA COVERS Legal Warning on UX18: Dec 13 1901 - Colourful advertising Card (1 QV rose carmine tied with Flag cancel) of Gillett's Goods (est. 1852) from Toronto to Amherstburg ON with receiving on front "DE 14 01", advising recipient that they are using the word "Cream" in their yeast descriptions, an "infringement" on the sender's rights. VF 50.00
1922 CANADA COVERS Woodstock ON to London ON: 1850 - Stampless folded lettersheet (blue), showing "Woodstock JAN 31 1850" (double split ring cancel in red), rated (and prepaid) 4d with red straightline "PAID" handstamp (18mm), reverse with red "London FEB 1 1850" double split ring receiver. Photo (851K) Photo 2 (851K) 60.00
1923 CANADA COVERS Woodstock to London: Upper Canada 1850 - Stampless folded lettersheet (green), sent from Woodstock, U.C. AUG 5 1850 (double split ring cancel in red) to London rated (and prepaid) 4d with red straightline "PAID" handstamp (21mm), reverse with London, U.C. receiver. Short message regarding the originally enclosed 40 draft. 60.00
1924 CANADA COVERS Woodstock to London: Upper Canada 1850 - Stampless folded lettersheet (beige) with red "Woodstock U.C. FEB 18 1850" double split ring cancel, rated 4d in black, reverse with red "London U.C. Feb 19 1850" double split ring receiver. 50.00
1925 CANADA COVERS Woodstock Local Delivery: Upper Canada - 1850s Stampless, small beige envelope, local delivery mailed at Woodstock MY 31 185? (double split ring cancel in black) for local delivery, nice condition. 40.00
1926 CANADA COVERS St. Hyacinthe PQ (Squared Circle Cancel) - three strikes (PM AU 9 94) on a UL3 Letter Card - QV 3, uprated (x 4) small queens, to Germany via New York * H.A.P.A.G. - S.S. - reverse receiving "Hannover 22 8 94", addressed to No 10 Schiffgraban, toned. Photo (1652K) 150.00
1927 CANADA COVERS Fancy Cancel ties1 Small Queen - to uprated wrapper (PB3) to New York. No receiver and no indication of the origin of this lovely cancel. With only some light soiling, this is a VF example of this type of mail. Photo (1617K) 100.00
1928 CANADA COVERS Toronto to Switzerland: 1893 - U3, 1 Postal Stationery envelope with two additional 2 Small Queens paying the 5 UPU rate to Switzerland, both are tied by double ring "Toronto, Canada AUG 18 93" cancels, reverse with "Davos Platz 3 1X 93" receiving, small cover is a bit aged. 75.00
1929 CANADA COVERS Charlottetown PEI to London GB: 1892 - Clean UX4 uprated to 3 by the addition of a lightly tied 1 Small Queen and mailed from the Bank of Nova Scotia, Charlottetown, PEI with a "London, E.C. AU 17 92" receiver in red on the front. Photo (1526K) 60.00
1930 CANADA COVERS Hamilton to Switzerland: UNDERPAID - UX7 uprated with 1 Small Queen and tied with CDS duplex "Hamilton Canada Jan 6 90" 9 line grid. The front is marked "Returned for Postage" which has been marked with blue crayon. On the reverse is a clear "DEAD LETTER OFFICE JA 8 1890" split ring CDS. The front also has an Ottawa JA 9 90, a light European receiver 26.I.90.IV as well as Zurich 23.I.90-11 receiver. There is some toning on this most interesting card, Photo (1595K) 200.00
1931 CANADA COVERS Niagara Falls to Switzerland: July 5, 1890 - UX7 (CDS Hamilton) uprated with a 1 Small Queen (CDS Niagara Falls) both cancels are the same date. Swiss receiver ties stamp, stain from stamp sized label on reverse, private post card from Queens Royal Hotel, Niagara on the Lake, Ont. VF 75.00
1932 CANADA COVERS Newspaper Wrapper - PB5 uprated with three Small Queens appearing to pay a 2 rate from Hamilton ON to Germany. However this is likely one of two wrappers used to pay the 5 newspaper rate to Germany. Somewhat roughly opened on the back. Nice Hamilton, Ont. Roller Cancel. Photo (1670K) F+ 125.00
1933 CANADA COVERS QV Half Cent Numeral Picture Postcards - Scott #74 black block of four tied to 1901 postcard by Quebec (AU 17 01) 9 grid duplex and sent to St. Die, France (28 AOUT) receiver. Also 1907 (November 9) Postcard without written message, handstamped IMPRIMES and TIMBRE COTE-VUE, bearing QV black, tied to view side with triple ring Ottawa 07 cancel (partially obscure) and addressed to Mexico. A scarce and attractive duo. VF. Photo (3755K) 200.00
1934 CANADA COVERS QV Numeral to France: INSUFFICIENTLY PREPAID - Scott #77, 2 carmine, Die I tied to 1902 (May 5) Short-Paid cover mailed from Hull, Quebec to Grenoble, France; cover reduced a little and opened three sides for better display, the rate required was 5c, very clear two-line "INSUFFICIENTLY / PREPAID" and postmarked "Ottawa MY 6 02" on front, also bears a superb double circle "Dead Letter Office Canada . Ottawa Branch . (SUPT MAY 6 1902)" in RED on reverse, circle due "T/15" and 30c French due stamp affixed; Grenoble receiver on back. A lovely DLO cover. Photo (1533K) 175.00
1935 CANADA COVERS QV Six Cent Numeral Pair on Cover - Scott #66 and 80, black Leaf and 6 brown Numeral Pairs on 1899 (October) Registered cover mailed to Leipzig, latter tied to cover by oval "R" handstamp; no origin dispatch but clear Registered London (17 OC 99) transit in Red at lower right, light German receiver backstamp, the 6 value is rare on cover, F-VF Photo (1845K) 225.00
1936 CANADA COVERS Striking Cameo Issue Inking Variety - 4c red Cameo (24x20.75mm; dotted hair) Postal Envelope size #10 showing a very blurred impression of the issue due to OVERINKING. Unlisted in Webb an neat item for the specialist. Webb EN79a + var. VF 60.00
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