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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2222 CANADA 1600 Different - Off Paper - and ready to sort and build into a fine collection. While there are a few earlier items, the focus on this Premium Lot is the modern issues. These are from a very special source and are perfect for the collector wishing to complete a large portion of the QEII era of Canadian Postage Stamps. Cat. value is approx. $800! F-VF 125.00
2223 CANADA Quarterly Year Packs - Wholesale lot of Canada Post quarterly year packs from the years 2006/2010 in various quantities, includes commemoratives, regulars, booklet stamps, souvenir sheets, etc., face value is $2,140.00, VF NH 1000.0
2224 CANADA 2004 Lunar New Year of the Monkey (Framed) - Limited Edition Print (only 2888 produced), hand numbered (omitting all number fours). Features the Canadian 2004 Year of the Monkey souvenir sheet of 1 Scott #2016 ($1.40). Personally signed by the Year of the Monkey creative team. Sheet measures 8"X11" enclosed in a 15"X18" glass frame, very nice. VF 125.00
2225 CANADA 1997 Thematic Pack #74 - Wholesale - Lot of ten, Year of the OX, Post Office sealed packs. Each with Canada (Scott #1630ai) showing Hong Kong '97 logo in margin; PR China (Scott #2747-2748) in pairs; and Hong Kong (Scott #783c) perf 13 Souvenir Sheet. 2018 Unitrade cat value $250. VF NH 125.00
2226 CANADA Reproduction of the Rare Trade Sample Sheet - an appealing reprint of the BABN Trade sample sheet, in black on glazed wove paper from a metal plate, showing various Canada Large (27) and Small (5) Queen issues, 18 Revenue stamps and a portrait of Queen Victoria. Lovely substitute for this sheet which is worth a fortune today. VF 50.00
2227 CANADA Thematic Packs: Year of the Ox - 1997 Chinese New Year (x5) post office sealed packs, each offering Canada (Scott #1630ai), P.R. China (#2747-2748) in pairs, and Hong Kong (#783c) souvenir sheet. 2018 Unitrade #TC74 cat. value $125. VF NH 75.00
2228 CANADA Booklet Panes: 1942/1987 - spanning Unitrade #249b and #947a. Some examples of the included: #249b (30), 249c (15), 251a (10), 252b (10), 254b (15), 286a (4), 286b (3), 325a (15), 327a (10), 327b (10), 328a (5), 336a (10), 337a (40), 340a (20), 341a (30), 405a, 543a, 946b, etc. Various papers, hibrites, fluorescence, etc. Overall quality is F-VF, a few faulty not counted. 200.00
2229 CANADA 1967 Panes of 20 - 1967 QEII 5 blue #458b; Lot of five mini panes of 20 DF, DEX, 2018 Unitrade $200. F-VF NH 100.00
2230 CANADA Scarce Tagged Blocks - Scott #511b, W2B 508p-511p, 25 Expo '70 issued for the world's fair in Osaka, Japan, the scarce Winnipeg Tagged version in matched set of four blank corner blocks, VF NH VF NH 70.00
2231 CANADA Rare Early Essay - Prince Consort essay in black on toned paper and perforated, prepared by Waterlow & Sons, small faults, the first we have ever offered Photo (36K) 250.00
2232 CANADA Mint Canada Collection - An extensive collection organized on seven stockpages with over 250 different mint singles from 1880s to 1950s, includes back-of-book issues, we note many scarce stamps like #42, 43, 50-60, 73, 89-93, 99-103, 116, 136-138, 139, 176, 177, 195-201, later sets, special deliveries complete, etc., mainly F-VF hinged, Scott catalogue value is over US$9,000.00, Photo (38K) Photo 2 (38K) Photo 3 (49K) 1500.0
2233 CANADA Canada: 1953/1976 Mint - Housed in 24 page stockbook, in order by date of issue, small group of about 200 mostly NH. Noted tagging variations, a couple souvenir sheets and four corner blocks of pre cancelled caricature definitives with partial warning script at right. Photo (31K) F-VF 100.00
2234 CANADA Canada: mint and used on Stocksheets - A mixture of various stocksheets, each displaying mostly used stamps from the 1950 to 1970 period. A small group of about 200 stamps, some with duplication, noted coils, precancels and (a mint NH strip of seven) 3c Excise (three leaf coil). Photo (123K) F-VF 125.00
2235 CANADA Part-Perforated Admiral Issue Blocks - Scott #126a and 128a, 1 Yellow and 2 Green mint blocks of eight imperf horizontally, very well centered and post office fresh, VF NH 480.00
2236 CANADA War Issue Plate Blocks - A nice starter lot of 33 different plate blocks of four, 1 to 4 values, all different plate numbers or positions (Scott #249/254). A few have light fingerprint/friction on gum. F-VF NH 150.00
2237 CANADA 1992 Signed Souvenir Sheet - #1407ai Harrison Paper "Paul de Chomedy, De Maisonneuve" souvenir sheet of 4 showing the engraved signature at foot, VF NH, 2018 Scott value $125. VF NH 75.00
2238 CANADA Thematic Collections: 1997/2006 - Selection of five different, unopened postal packs in original shrink wrap. See Unitrade page 620 for TC #74, 78, 91, 98, and 143. Year of the Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Snake and Dog. VF NH 90.00
2239 CANADA Thematic Collection: 1997 in Multiples - Dealer lot of five - TC #74 Year of the Ox, unopened postal pack in original shrink wrap along with bonus of one - TC #78 Year of the Tiger, in opened pack. See Unitrade page 620, 2017 Cat value $140. VF NH 90.00
2240 CANADA Canada Post Souvenir Articles: 1972-74 - Indicated on page 616 of Unitrade under annual Souvenir Collections #15-17 in fine condition with issued stamps provided loose in glassine, 2018 cat value $287. VF NH 150.00
2241 CANADA British Columbia: Local Post - Issued by the Overseas Courier Service in Victoria, British Columbia. Complete Set of five in Sheets of 10, VF NH condition, Face value $82.50. Commemorating the Royal Wedding in 1981 with one design: a portrait of Diana & Charles, 5 denominations: 25 black, 75 green, $1 blue, $1.25 red, $5 violet. Cat. value 2015 (Cinderella) is $150. This will be a Lady Di topical that most collectors will not have. 50.00
2242 CANADA Despatch Courier Service - Cross Border Services group of sets in blocks of four with First Class, Overseas, Parcel Post, and Registered. Includes 1985 Victoria Regiments, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, 1983 Royal Visit and 1968 Postal Strike (singles). VF NH 60.00
2243 CANADA 1975 Cross Border Local Post - Victoria to Port Angeles - First Series of 25: a complete set of 5 different panes of 5 different Sailboats. 18c Printed Matter-grey, 25 First Class-red, 28 Airmail-blue, 41 Overseas-violet, $1.25 Registered-green. Covert cat. #J8A-#J12E, Cinderella design C. VF NH 30.00
2244 CANADA One Pound Bag - Off Paper - Newly assembled package - off paper Canada, used, ranging from more early 1940s to more modern 1990s, noted pairs, strips and booklet panes, centennials, postage dues and even overprints. Nice group. 60.00
2245 CANADA Lunar New Year Covers: 1997-2003 - from the first issue The Year of the Ox (1997) complete to The Year of the Ram (2003), seven different post office covers, cacheted and unaddressed, choice VF condition VF 20.00
2246 CANADA 1962-63 Cameo Miniature Panes - 402a, 404b, 405b, and 405bq (tagged W2B) strait edged mini-sheets of 20 or 25 - 2018 Scott $98. VF NH 75.00
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