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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1148 CANADA Mint Arch Issues - Lovely wholesale lot of nine examples of Scott #201in multiples, there is a trace of light gum disturbance but otherwise these are post office fresh mint, F-VF NH 175.00
1149 CANADA Despatch Courier Service - Cross Border Services group of sets in blocks of four with First Class, Overseas, Parcel Post, and Registered. Includes 1985 Victoria Regiments, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, 1983 Royal Visit and 1968 Postal Strike (singles). VF NH 60.00
1150 CANADA Wholesale lot of 10 - 1967 QEII 5 blue Mini Panes of 20 DF DEX, Unitrade #458b, 2018 Scott $400. F-VF NH 90.00
1151 CANADA Mint Collection - A lovely mint collection in clean condition, running from 1937 to the 1980s, housed on two-sided black Hagnar pages and containing many key issues such as the 1938 High Values (#241-245), War Issue (#249-262), Peace Issue (#268-273), etc., Unitrade value is over $1,800.00 and just about every stamp is in VF NH mint condition 400.00
1152 CANADA Mint Admiral Issue - 1 to $1.00 Admiral, the complete set mint, all selected for freshness and centering, VF-VF+ H, cat. $1,750.00 (#104-122) Photo (33K) Photo 2 (33K) Photo 3 (41K) 600.00
1153 CANADA Scarce Admiral Issue Proofs - 3 Eckerlin Essays, a lovely and very scarce lot including singles of all five colours in black, green, blue, red and orange red, more importantly the lot includes a very rare die essay in orange red, these essays were produced by a German firm in an attempt to win the printing contract for Canadian stamps, Photo (22K) 750.00
1154 CANADA Mint Admiral Issue Stock - Extensive stock of mint singles of the popular Admiral Issue, with flaws or heavily hinged but a perfect lot for the student wishing to gain experience with shades, types, etc., scarcer values are present like the 5 blue (9), 10 plum (5) and $1 orange (8), earlier wet printings, scarcer shades, etc., total Scott value is US$12,000.00+, 1250.0
1155 CANADA Mint NH Collection - A lovely all-different selection, some highlights include #135, 148, 200, 209, 223-227, 244, E4, E8, etc., all stamps are in clean VF NH mint condition, Scott value is US$1,527.00, 500.00
1156 CANADA Mint Back of the Book Stock - Two volume dealer stock of mint stamps, at least 90% of the stamps are never hinged with much well centered, some highlights include, #E2 (2), E2a, E5 (2), E8 (2), etc., also airmails (C and CE), semi-postals and extensive postage dues, 350.00
1157 CANADA Mint Singles Stock - Binder with a dealer stock of mint stamps, at least 90% are never hinged with much well centered, a few highlights include #135, 139, 140 (2), 145, 156 (2), 159, 174, 176, 177 (2), 201 (2), 203, 226 (2), 227, etc., all in clean mint condition and ready for resale, Photo (46K) Photo 2 (46K) 750.00
1158 CANADA World War II Labels - A very nice group of 22 patriotic labels, all from around 1942, various themes often together with England, slogans such as 'Carry on Canada', "Keep Your Chin Up', 'V for Victory', etc., seldom seen especially in such nice condition, Photo (39K) Photo 2 (39K) 125.00
1159 CANADA 'Baby Sisters' Booklet Pane - Booklet pane of ten printed in black, prepared during the planning stages of Centennial Issue booklet panes, scarce, ex BABN Archives, Photo (104K) VF NH 125.00
1160 CANADA 'Baby Sisters' Booklet Pane - Booklet pane of ten printed in dark carmine, prepared during the planning stages of Centennial Issue booklet panes, scarce, ex BABN Archives, Photo (93K) F-VF NH 125.00
1161 CANADA 'Baby Sisters' Mint Singles - Three mint singles in black, olive brown and dark carmine, prepared during the planning stages of Centennial Issue booklet panes, scarce, ex BABN Archives, F-VF NH 70.00
1162 CANADA Mint Admiral Coil Issues Stock - Scott #123-134, a nice stock of mint singles, mostly F-VF H, includes all the better numbers with #123 (6), 124 (3), 130 (6), 133 (4), etc., a clean lot put together by a collector who specialized in these stamps, Scott catalogue value is US$3,500.00, Photo (35K) Photo 2 (35K) Photo 3 (32K) 750.00
1163 CANADA Specialized 1980s Booklets - BK88 (and varieties), A nicely written up selection of tagging errors, all nicely mounted with corresponding colour illustrations on 3-ring pages, most show various tagging shifts on the lower two stamps resulting in some rarely seen errors, ten different in all, 200.00
1164 CANADA 1600 Different - Off Paper - and ready to sort and build into a fine collection. While there are a few earlier items, the focus on this Premium Lot is the modern issues. These are from a very special source and are perfect for the collector wishing to complete a large portion of the QEII era of Canadian Postage Stamps. Cat. value is approx. $800! F-VF 125.00
1165 CANADA Bulk Canadian Booklets - Modern Canadian Booklets in stock quantities. Lot will contain 115 or more with a total face value of at least $500. Expect duplication along with nice variety. 450.00
1166 CANADA 1992 Signature Sheet - #1407ai $2.16 Souvenir Sheet issued during the CANADA 92 Youth Show held in Montreal, bears the engraved inscriptions at foot, Limited Edition of 10,000 were released, a scarce modern era item. VF NH 125.00
1167 CANADA British Columbia: Local Post used on Covers - Juan de Fuca Despatch, July and August 1968. Two different Covers to the USA, via Victoria, B.C. to Port Angeles, Special Service Carrier Fee during Postal Strike, 1 with design A and 1 with B (page 204 Cinderella). Totem Pole Cachet and CDS Receiving. Scuff on stamps from USA sorting machine. 50.00
1168 CANADA Canada: 1947/1974 First Day Covers - with a minimum of 225 different cachet and/or stamps, mostly addressed, mostly with private cachet and some with official. Noted of interest such as 1951 5 Steamship on Centenary Cachet with CDS "Toronto Ontario Sep 24 1951" Slogan Cancel. Nice group. 125.00
1169 CANADA KGV Scroll Issue 1928-29 - Part Set nicely centered used singles, mostly CDS cancelled, Scott #149-154 along with coil singles #160-161 F-VF 40.00
1170 CANADA Canada Mint Never Hinged Coil Lot - including Scott #264 x 2 pairs, 265 x 1 pair, 295 x 2 strips of 4, 332 x 1 pair, 406 x 1 pair, 467 x 2 strips of 4, 605 x 1 pair, 729 x 2 strips, 950 x 2 strips of 4, and 1194B x 2 strips of 4. Overall centering is F-VF. 73.30
1171 CANADA Quebec Issue Wholesale Lot - Scott #97, 1 Quebec Issue, glassine containing 100 used singles, an unpicked lot and mainly F-VF, cat. $600.00 90.00
1172 CANADA Large Queen Issue - A selection of 19 stamps including some varieties on the half cent, a 12 mint but with stain, shades, etc. 200.00
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