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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1240 CANADA Centennial Issue Test Coils - Test coils, one the normal perforated and the other with a misperf error, Photo (114K) Photo 2 (114K) VF NH 75.00
1241 CANADA Part-Perforated Admiral Issue Blocks - Scott #126a and 128a, 1 Yellow and 2 Green mint blocks of eight imperf horizontally, very well centered and post office fresh, VF NH 480.00
1242 CANADA Centennial Issue Test Coils - Test coils, a scarce imperforate pair, Photo (173K) VF NH 75.00
1243 CANADA Specialized Coil Collection - Collection on black stockpages in a like-new Unisafe album with slipcase, starts with the War Issue and carries on to the 1980s, many stamps are present in single, pair and strip of four format, several jump strips are also present as are a few repair paste-ups and some other nice surprises, condition is especially nice with most items being in VF NH condition. a very nice lot that is perfect to continue on with, Photo (446K) Photo 2 (446K) 400.00
1244 CANADA Mint Singles Collection 1917 - 1967 - A nice lot housed in a Unisafe black binder with slipcase, much of interest and almost all is in VF NH mint condition, we note #137 pair, 140, 141-145, 148, 156, 162-174, 198, 201, 203, 209, 217-227, 241-245, 261-262, 268-273, 302, etc., also note a #159 LH, an above average collection with high catalogue value, Photo (235K) Photo 2 (235K) 500.00
1245 CANADA War Issue Plate Blocks - A nice starter lot of 33 different plate blocks of four, 1 to 4 values, all different plate numbers or positions (Scott #249/254). A few have light fingerprint/friction on gum. F-VF NH 150.00
1246 CANADA 1992 Signed Souvenir Sheet - #1407ai Harrison Paper "Paul de Chomedy, De Maisonneuve" souvenir sheet of 4 showing the engraved signature at foot, VF NH, 2018 Scott value $125. VF NH 75.00
1247 CANADA 1988 $5.00 Quebec Wildlife Habitat Conservation - Unitrade #QW1 / DQ-1 in Sheet of 4 showing the $5.00 Ruffed Grouse as painted by artist Jean-Luc Grondin. VF NH 300.00
1248 CANADA Thematic Collections: 1997/2008 - Selection of nine different, unopened postal packs still in original shrink wrap. See Unitrade page 620 for TC #74, 78, 85, 91, 98 108, 136, 143, and 151. Year of the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Rooster, Dog, and Rat. VF NH 165.00
1249 CANADA Thematic Collections: 1997/2006 - Selection of five different, unopened postal packs in original shrink wrap. See Unitrade page 620 for TC #74, 78, 91, 98, and 143. Year of the Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Snake and Dog. VF NH 90.00
1250 CANADA Thematic Collection: 1997 in Multiples - Dealer lot of five - TC #74 Year of the Ox, unopened postal pack in original shrink wrap along with bonus of one - TC #78 Year of the Tiger, in opened pack. See Unitrade page 620, 2017 Cat value $140. VF NH 90.00
1251 CANADA 1600 Different - Off Paper - and ready to sort and build into a fine collection. While there are a few earlier items, the focus on this Premium Lot is the modern issues. These are from a very special source and are perfect for the collector wishing to complete a large portion of the QEII era of Canadian Postage Stamps. Cat. value is approx. $800! F-VF 125.00
1252 CANADA Canada Dual Purpose Issue - Scott #EO1, 10 Green, the scarce special delivery official overprint in a choice mint block of four, VF NH 96.00
1253 CANADA Bulk Canadian Booklets - Modern Canadian Booklets in stock quantities. Lot will contain 115 or more with a total face value of at least $500. Expect duplication along with nice variety. 450.00
1254 CANADA Canada Test Coil - Centennial Issue of 1967, a test coil strip of four showing a nice misperforation error down the centre of each stamp, VF NH 150.00
1255 CANADA Early 1900s KEVII and KGV Colorful Post Cards - Group of seven KEVII and four KGV colorful, addressed Post Cards mailed domestically. Greetings cards: "Birthday Greetings", "Thanksgiving Greeting", "Best Wishes", and also Romantic and Scenic. 40.00
1256 CANADA 1992 Signature Sheet - #1407ai $2.16 Souvenir Sheet issued during the CANADA 92 Youth Show held in Montreal, bears the engraved inscriptions at foot, Limited Edition of 10,000 were released, a scarce modern era item. VF NH 125.00
1257 CANADA Globe Suspender Co. 1899 - Preprinted return envelope franked with a pair of Scott #66 and a #68 single- the QV black Maple Leaf and 2 purple. Lovely 3 domestic rate. F-VF 90.00
1258 CANADA 5 Centennial Miniature Panes - 1967 5 blue Miniature Panes of 20 (4x5) DF, DEX. Wholesale lot of 10. Unitrade #458b, 2017 Cat. value $400. F-VF NH 100.00
1259 CANADA Mint Admiral Issue Collection - A beautiful lot, all stamps are mint NH and many are nicely centered, collected for shades with many scarcer items noted, forty-four stamps in all, we note $1 orange wet printing, 7 red brown on thin paper, etc., a desirable lot for any collector and a very nice start on the issue, 2000.0
1260 CANADA Canada: 1868 / 1908 - Interesting selection of early Canada starting with the large and small queens (mostly used or faulty), followed by some later mint QV and mint KEVII 1 - 20. The value of the mint alone as fine hinged is approx. $1,200. Note that on the mint the gum is disturbed. 275.00
1261 CANADA Canada: 1908 / 1946 - Almost complete for the period on hingeless pages, this selection has complete Quebec Tercentenary, Scroll, Arch, KGV Pictorial, 1938 Pictorial and the War issue along with almost complete Admirals. Most of the coils are present. Additionally there is some used back of the book, mint airmails etc.The value of the mint alone as fine hinged is approx. $3,300. Note that on the mint the gum is disturbed. 750.00
1262 CANADA British Columbia: Local Post - Issued by the Overseas Courier Service in Victoria, British Columbia a Complete Set of five in Sheets of 10, VF NH condition, a substantial face value in itself. Commemorating the Royal Wedding in 1981 with one design: a portrait of Diana & Charles, 5 denominations: 25 black, 75 green, $1 blue, $1.25 red, $5 violet. Cat. value 2015 (Cinderella) $150. 50.00
1263 CANADA British Columbia: Local Post used on Covers - Juan de Fuca Despatch, July and August 1968. Two different Covers to the USA, via Victoria, B.C. to Port Angeles, Special Service Carrier Fee during Postal Strike, 1 with design A and 1 with B (page 204 Cinderella). Totem Pole Cachet and CDS Receiving. Scuff on stamps from USA sorting machine. 50.00
1264 CANADA Postal Stationery #10 Envelopes - Charming lot of 30 different with postage from 6 to current domestic Lettermail values with most in the 30-45 range. VF condition. 25.00
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