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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1235 CANADA Three Safety Deposit Style Stockbooks - with Canada stock from QV - early QEII - with the bulk coming from the later period. Contains a few low value QV (including three different values) and KGV issues, some better back of the book including early postage dues, OHMS overprints and a nice selection of Winnipeg tagged items. Face value alone exceeds $150. 200.00
1236 CANADA CWS Album: 1977/1986 - useful selection of both mint and used with a mint face value near $150. Padded album Includes extra pages often with mint or used multiples, covers, CDS cancels, etc. F-VF NH 125.00
1237 CANADA Booklet Panes: 1942/1987 - spanning Unitrade #249b and #947a. Some examples of the included: #249b (30), 249c (15), 251a (10), 252b (10), 254b (15), 286a (4), 286b (3), 325a (15), 327a (10), 327b (10), 328a (5), 336a (10), 337a (50), 340a (20), 341a (35), 405a, 543a, 946b, etc. Various papers, hibrites, fluorescence, etc. Overall quality is F-VF, a few faulty not counted. 200.00
1238 CANADA 1983 "Stick'n Tic" Labels - Unopened Postal Pack of 25 "Stick'n Tic" Labels, Unitrade #1-ST Experimental Label page 620. These were introduced to speed up automatic sorting during the Christmas mail season. 2018 cat. value $150. 50.00
1239 CANADA 1997 Thematic Pack #74 - Wholesale - Lot of ten, Year of the OX, Post Office sealed packs. Each with Canada (Scott #1630ai) showing Hong Kong '97 logo in margin; PR China (Scott #2747-2748) in pairs; and Hong Kong (Scott #783c) perf 13 Souvenir Sheet. 2018 Unitrade cat value $250. VF NH 125.00
1240 CANADA Wholesale Booklet Lot - #BK56a, 56b, Small box containing 500 complete booklets, this was Canada's first ever booklet pane containing different stamps, unchecked for varieties, catalogue value is $2,500.00, VF 300.00
1241 CANADA Annual Collections 1979-1983 - Five years of annual collections as issued in a slipcase, not often seen, presented to delegates of the 1984 UPU Congress in Germany, wear to slipcase, otherwise 150.00
1242 CANADA KGV Scroll Issue 1928-29 - Part Set of six, nicely centered used singles, mostly CDS cancelled, includes Scott #149-154 along with coil singles #160-161 F-VF 40.00
1243 CANADA Extensive Used Assortment - Over 350 different used Canadian stamps from the years 1997 to 2003, a great lot in clean condition and containing elusive commemoratives and high values, used from this era is seldom seen, VF 175.00
1244 CANADA Canada King George VI Back of the Book Complete - A lovely clean mint collection containing all of the back of the book Canadian stamps issued during the reign of King George VI, includes airmails (#C6-C9), airmail special delivery (#CE1-CE4), airmail officials (#CO1-CO2), special delivery (#E7-E11), special delivery officials (#EO1-EO2), and official overprints (#O1-O31), a fantastic lot for any collector with all stamps in VF NH mint condition, catalogue value is $1,350.00 550.00
1245 CANADA Nice Canada Used Selection - Thinking of collecting Canada? Here is a very nice lot containing 1,000 different used stamps that will fill up many album spaces, contains older stamps right up into the 2000s, F-VF 55.00
1246 CANADA Nice Canada Used Selection - Envelope containing 800 used Canadian stamps, all are different and all appear to be in nice condition, contains early issues up to more modern years, appears all F-VF,a nice selection 50.00
1247 CANADA Modern Post Cards - Postage Paid - A crisp quality selection of over 60 different modern Postage Paid picture cards for mailing in Canada and delivery worldwide. Presented 2 per page in Vario protective sleeves each depicting the stamp in full colour picture, mostly from the 2000/2010 era, some in sets still in original packaging. Photo (41K) VF 100.00
1248 CANADA Canada Used Modern Era - An extensive collection of used Canada, arranged in glassine envelopes by year. all different and in F-VF condition, starts in 1951 and carries on to 2008, we estimate that it is about 95% complete so will certainly fill a ton of album spaces, about 1,800 stamps in all, a wonderful lot 250.00
1249 CANADA Canada Used Year Sets Stock - Dealer stock of used year sets in well over 200 glassine envelopes by year or years, runs from 1951 to 2009, the odd one missing a few stamps but the vast majority are complete, strength in 1983 to 2004 period, selected quality, F-VF 750.00
1250 CANADA UN Emergency Force Cancel Study: 1956/1965 - Impressive collection of correspondence and a study (including a collector prepared note book) of the various cancels used during this Police Action. Needs a bit of effort to organize, but should be quite easily made into an impressive exhibit. Photo (18K) Photo 2 (18K) 350.00
1251 CANADA 1992 Signature Souvenir Sheet - #1407ai The World Philatelic Youth Exhibition Signature Sheet "Paul de Chomedy De Maisonneuve" showing the engraved signature at foot, Harrison Paper, VF NH VF NH 125.00
1252 CANADA Post Office Quarterly packs - Set of four quarterly packs for each year from 2006 to 2010 (20 packs in all), contains many nice souvenirs, sheets, se-tenant multiples, unfolded strips and other hard to find issues, VF NH (Face value alone is $290.00), 300.00
1253 CANADA Canada Local Post - selection of 20+ different local/strike/emergency Post Labels from numerous services such as; Royal Hudson, 1000 Islands, Juan De Fuca, Overseas Courier Service etc. VF NH 40.00
1254 CANADA Canada Year of the Ox - 1997 TC#74 Year of the OX (unopened) post office pack along with 1996 TC#72 (unopened) as bonus. VF NH 25.00
1255 CANADA KGVI War Issue - Booklet Panes - accumulation of 17 Booklet Panes of 4 & 6, 1-4 with some duplication up to five, cat. value is over $150. About 50% are NH. F-VF 75.00
1256 CANADA Minkus Album: 1870/1972 - Enjoy the history of Canada in this near complete collection of 600 different, housed in mounts by year in a black Minkus Album. The cat. value of the over 250 issues from the late 1800s to the early 1950s is approx. $3,000 (many will be found to be VF, H) thereafter, an additional 300 different. A few earlier items with faults and regretably, some stamps have somewhat adhered to mounts. Photo (46K) Photo 2 (46K) Photo 3 (43K) F-VF 900.00
1257 CANADA 1970 Christmas Issue Full Panes of 100 - #519-528, 5 and 6 Christmas both tagged and untagged (4 sheets in all), each sheet is folded but the fold does not affect the scarce centre blocks. VF NH 500.00
1258 CANADA Junior Collection: 1955/1972 - Housed on stock sheets, showing mostly used, but mint is present in pairs and blocks, Scott range is from #337/610B. Noted varieties in tagging, booklets, etc., approx. 400 stamps. 50.00
1259 CANADA Canadian Pacific Railways Royal Hudson - 1976 Imperforate, Block of 8 Cinderella (cc 5680) printed with the permission of British Columbia Dept. of Travel. Depicts the excursion between North Vancouver and Squamish, operating until 1999. Photo (84K) VF NH 64.00
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