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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2517 CAMEROUN 7-19 3pf to 5m Regular Issue 1900, a complete used set, scarce, F-VF CDS 723.80
2518 CAMEROUN 130-146, 147-163 1916-1917 French Occupation overprint mint set of 17 (exc. 15c is used) and 1921 French Mandate "CAMEROUN" overprinted mint set of 17. A few with usual dried OG; nice mint sets. Photo (49K) F-VF OG 71.40
2519 CAMEROUN 279 1940 20fr rose and olive green vertical pair with nearly complete Douala 12 JUIL 41 CDS postmark, small thin at top. Photo (75K) VF 110.00
2520 CAMEROUN C39 1961 10sh on 200fr Type I, appears to have double overprint VF LH 22.00
2521 CAMEROUN C113-C114 Var 1968 40fr & 60fr John/Robert F. Kennedy se tenant pair with First Moon Landing (in French & English) Overprinted in Red on both stamps, commemorative labels between. See footnote in Scott value $108. VF NH 75.00
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