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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
4186 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH A to S: 1960s Commonwealth Countries - Presented NH in mounts on album pages, a representation of small and part sets from numerous A-S countries as Barbados, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Malta, Papua, Solomon, etc. All date from the 1960s, approx. 350 different mint along with a few used, CDS cancelled and neatly housed in a 3 ring binder. 2018 Scott cat. value $340.65 Photo (49K) Photo 2 (49K) Photo 3 (37K) F-VF NH 200.00
4187 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Aden Accumulation - Small lot of mainly lower priced items to 1960s on selection cards with catalogue numbers an prices, also a few states, F-VF, Scott cat. US$250.00+, 60.00
4188 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Aitutaki: 2013 John F. Kennedy - 2013 $2.50 and $2.90 set of two mini-sheets of nine, JFK 50 year commemoration VF NH 81.00
4189 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Antigua Accumulation - Selection cards identified with Scott number and price, a nice stock from King George V to 1970s, total cat, value is US$200.00+, we note 60.00
4190 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Antigua Collection - Collection in a 3-ring binder from 1953 to 1978 including a few Redonda, almost all is VF NH mint including all the better sets, missing very little for the period, a nice lot, Photo (41K) Photo 2 (41K) 520.00
4191 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Antigua and Redonda in Sheets of 50 - 1978 QEII and Prince Philip set of five gutter sheets of 50 (in 2 panes of 25). Scott #508-512 set of 5 (10-$2.50) with 'REDONDA' overprinted in black ink at left. 2018 cat. value $65. VF NH 30.00
4192 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Antigua: 1953/1991 Stockbook - 16 double sided pages housing approx. 650 stamps (380 different) and 40 souvenir sheets. Includes over 40 sets and has a cat. value of $600+. Earliest items are a mix of H and NH, later are NH. Includes a KGVI 1, three booklets. and a few pre-QEII items not counted. Photo (41K) Photo 2 (41K) Photo 3 (36K) 225.00
4193 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Ascension/NewZealand/Jamaica: 1981/1983 - Nicely presented in mounts on quadrilled pages with interleaves, 22 ring binder housing approx. 150 mint NH stamps, 35 used, all in sets along with 10 souvenir sheets. Scott range for Ascension: #138/260, Jamaica: #504/531a, and New Zealand: #724/776. 2018 cat. value $163.60 Photo (36K) VF NH 100.00
4194 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Asia, Colonies: 1930s/1950s - Collection of used (550) and mint (70) representing 16 different countries all neatly presented on two post album pages. Strength shows in Bahrain, Burma, Ceylon and Kuwait along others as Pakistan, Maldive Islands, etc. 2018 Scott cat. value $1,375.25. Photo (51K) F-VF 700.00
4195 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia Collection:1981 / 1993 - Seven Seas Hingeless album with most spaces filled (mostly with used), thus quite complete for the period. F-VF 100.00
4196 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia - Space Related: 1966/1976 - Detailed study of Australia's efforts in "Space" with over 60 covers commemorating various accomplishments. Includes extra pages of information showing earlier covers, labels, badges etc. 75.00
4197 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia Military; WWII and later - Detailed study of various markings and process of getting the mail to and from members in active service. Contains about 40 covers along with much information about where various units served etc. A challenge to assemble. 175.00
4198 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia - Victoria Town Cancels - About 20 pages designed to hold regular stamps on piece to show complete town cancel information with about 100 mostly different towns from Victoria. There are a few earlier but most are early QEII period. F-VF 50.00
4199 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 1996 AFL Portfolio Display - Featuring complete set of sixteen different complete booklets (10x45c) of self-adhesive stamps celebrating the centenary of the Australian Football League. Condition is excellent, in original packaging. VF NH 224.00
4200 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 2008 - NO 8 - Set of Hingeless Lindner pages for 2008 (pages 255-270) in Lindner folder with about half of the year's issues present in cancelled stamps (90 different), booklet panes, souvenir sheets (8 different), coil strips etc. VF 100.00
4201 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: Gutter Pairs - housed in glassine envelope, Scott #1009-1014, 1094, 1140, 1180, 1194-1197, 1199-1202, run 1207-1234 and 1249-1252. Mint quality stoplight gutter pairs. VF NH 137.10
4202 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: Antarctic Territory Postal Zones: 1947/1999 - Featuring over 50 covers illustrating a study of the six different Postal Zones administered by Australia in the Antarctic. About half are FDCs with others having been mailed to selected destinations detailing the various efforts. VF 175.00
4203 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: Antarctic Territory 1985/ 2000 - About 50 pages illustrating an interesting study, with most issues present in mint, used, on cover (and FDC), maximum cards (35) and souvenir sheets - includes the two 1995 overprints. F-VF 225.00
4204 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: Antarctic Territory 1998-1999 - Lovely presentation of 11 covers including four with "Helicopter Mail" labels and three Polar Queen items. A most interesting study including excerpts from Philatelic Bulletins. Photo (35K) 75.00
4205 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: Cancels of Victoria - Mostly modern stamps, often on piece, each displayed and showing cancellations from identified towns of Victoria along with the postal code. Quite bulky (about 100 pages) but a nice assemblage. 75.00
4206 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH 203-205 Australia: 1946 Full Gutter Sheets - 1946 2p-1sh Thomas Mitchell set of three in full gutter sheets of 60, folded vertically in middle of wide gutter. 2018 Scott cat. value $105. VF NH 75.00
4207 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH 203-205 Australia: 1946 Full Gutter Sheets - 1946 2p-1sh Sir Thomas Mitchell set of 3 in full Gutter Sheets of 60, folded vertically in gutter, very nice. VF NH 60.00
4208 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Bahamas: 1900/1975 Mint Collection - spanning Scott #37 to #377, 40% complete on earlier to near complete for the last 10 years. Noted: #33, 37-39, 48, 70, 72-76, 79, 80, 83, 92-110, 116-129, 174-244 as well as 15 souvenir sheets and MR1-3, MR5-7, MR9-14. Over 300 different in mounts or LH-hinged on Scott album pages. Photo (35K) F-VF LH 275.00
4209 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Bahamas: 1862/1964 - hinged to full and part pages, 100 different with some duplication / color shade variations with a nice assortment of early BOB items. Noted some specialized Columbus Landfall items including 1 (x2), #27, 27a, 28, 28a, 65-69, 92-95, 204-218 and more. Photo (40K) F-VF 125.00
4210 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Bahamas: 1865/1976 - a solid representation of singles, partial and complete sets highlight the period. Only two early QV used issues with all others mint F-VF overall. A few hundred different, identified and housed in mounts, includes #s 23, 49-55, 65-69, 92-95, 116-129, 185-200, 204-218, 234-244 and more as well as a nice back of the book selection. Scott catalogue value near $1,000. Photo (32K) Photo 2 (32K) F-VF 500.00
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