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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3104 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH ANTIGUA: Queen Victoria 1863-67 - Eight early 1p Victoria issues, minor flaws noted but generally F+ to F-VF with grid cancellations Photo (42K) 150.00
3105 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH ANTIGUA: Queen Victoria 1863-67 - Eight early 1p Victoria issues, minor flaws, generally VG-F centering, majority showing numeral A02 grid cancellations, noted 1 mint, part OG. Photo (28K) 100.00
3106 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Antigua Collection - Collection in a 3-ring binder from 1953 to 1978 including a few Redonda, almost all is VF NH mint including all the better sets, missing very little for the period, a nice lot, Photo (41K) Photo 2 (41K) 520.00
3107 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Antigua: 1953/1991 Stockbook - 16 double sided pages housing approx. 650 stamps (380 different) and 40 souvenir sheets. Includes over 40 sets and has a cat. value of $600+. Earliest items are a mix of H and NH, later are NH. Includes a KGVI 1, three booklets. and a few pre-QEII items not counted. Photo (41K) Photo 2 (41K) Photo 3 (36K) 225.00
3108 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia Koalas Collection - on Hagner mounts in a four ring Hagner album. Includes over 140 examples of stamps, coil strips, complete booklets etc. All were collected to show differing numbers of the Koala on imprints to indicate printing number. Face value is over $400. Photo (25K) VF NH 500.00
3109 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia Collection:1981 / 1993 - Seven Seas Hingeless album with most spaces filled (mostly with used), thus quite complete for the period. F-VF 100.00
3110 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia, The Collection of 1988 - hard cover display book with slip case issued by the Australian Post Office hosting the year's issued stamps in singles, pairs, strips, panes, etc., includes Australian Antarctic Territory. VF NH 75.00
3111 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 1996 AFL Portfolio Display - Featuring complete set of sixteen different complete booklets (10x45c) of self-adhesive stamps celebrating the centenary of the Australian Football League. Condition is excellent, in original packaging. VF NH 224.00
3112 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 2008 - NO 8 - Set of Hingeless Lindner pages for 2008 (pages 255-270) in Lindner folder with about half of the year's issues present in cancelled stamps (90 different), booklet panes, souvenir sheets (8 different), coil strips etc. VF 100.00
3113 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 1940s-1970s - lot of about 35 Postal Stationery items. While there is some light duplication, the variety present in these aerograms, envelopes, Post Cards etc. is quite nice. Retail value is approx. $400.00. There are foreign destinations as well as domestic. 150.00
3114 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 1984 / 1990 - Very clean lot of approx. 45 different unaddressed, official First Day Covers. Includes some high values. Photo (21K) 75.00
3115 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 1966 / 1987 - Two volumes of "The Seven Seas" hingeless Australia (and area) album in special, padded three ring binders. Quite complete for the period with high values, large blocks, souvenir sheets, gutter pairs etc. Photo (41K) Photo 2 (41K) Photo 3 (33K) XF VF 200.00
3116 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 1977/1981 Presentation Packs - Mint, over 35 different Souvenir Booklets presenting mostly sets in strips, pairs, and singles. Produced by the Australian Post Office to promote research. VF NH 60.00
3117 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 1977/1981 Presentation Packs - Mint Souvenir Booklets, 13 different presenting mostly sets in strips, pairs, and singles, includes 4 from Antarctic Territory. Produced by the Australian Post Office to promote philately. VF NH 40.00
3118 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH 203-205 Australia: 1946 Full Gutter Sheets - 1946 2p-1sh Sir Thomas Mitchell set of 3 in full Gutter Sheets of 60, folded vertically in gutter, very nice. VF NH 60.00
3119 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Bahamas OHMS Free Frank Cover - 1929 (November 7) OHMS envelope from GPO in Nassau with "Nassau * " CDS sent to USA, minor bends and tiny tears at top, otherwise VF. 30.00
3120 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Bahamas: 1900/1975 Mint Collection - spanning Scott #37 to #377, 40% complete on earlier to near complete for the last 10 years. Noted: #33, 37-39, 48, 70, 72-76, 79, 80, 83, 92-110, 116-129, 174-244 as well as 15 souvenir sheets and MR1-3, MR5-7, MR9-14. Over 300 different in mounts or LH-hinged on Scott album pages. Photo (35K) F-VF LH 275.00
3121 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Bahamas: 1862/1964 - hinged to full and part pages, 100 different with some duplication / color shade variations with a nice assortment of early BOB items. Noted some specialized Columbus Landfall items including 1 (x2), #27, 27a, 28, 28a, 65-69, 92-95, 204-218 and more. Photo (40K) F-VF 125.00
3122 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Bahamas: 1865/1976 - a solid representation of singles, partial and complete sets highlight the period. Only two early QV used issues with all others mint F-VF overall. A few hundred different, identified and housed in mounts, includes #s 23, 49-55, 65-69, 92-95, 116-129, 185-200, 204-218, 234-244 and more as well as a nice back of the book selection. Scott catalogue value near $1,000. Photo (32K) Photo 2 (32K) F-VF 500.00
3123 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Bahamas: Queen Victoria - Lot of ten various mint and used early QV 1p, 4p, 6p, with both script and grid cancels, some faults but very presentable. Photo (38K) 125.00
3124 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Bahamas: Queen Victoria - Lot of ten various mint and used early QV 1p(6), 4p(3), 6p(1), with both script and grid cancels, various shade differences, some faults but very presentable. 100.00
3125 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Bahrain 1934/1960 - Attractive collection of 95 different singles showing strong partial and complete sets all housed in mounts on pages and Scott identified. Includes stamps as #32-34, 38-46, 48-50, 62-63, 81-118, 119-129, MR2 along with others. Scott cat. value 2018 $422.75 Photo (52K) F-VF 200.00
3126 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Barbados 1893 Surcharged Postal Envelope - One penny pink embossed postal stationery (120x95 mm) showing p provisional surcharge in violet. CDS Barbados (JA 26 93). 35.00
3127 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Barbados: 1875/1975 - Attractive group with a strong foundation of mostly mint stamps, singles, partial and complete sets. Of notable interest, the early period with such stamps as 61a, 70-79, 88, 102-112, 177-179, etc. Approximately 12 used, most showing oval burst cancels, over 300 stamps, neatly housed in mounts on pages and Scott identified, generally F+ to F-VF, Scott catalogue over $1,000. Photo (48K) Photo 2 (48K) Photo 3 (45K) LH 600.00
3128 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Bechuanaland 1886/ 1966 - An all used, small selection of 65 different stamps from the noted period. Overall F-VF, LH on pages and includes #16, 74, 117-120, 162-165 etc. Scott catalogue $225. Photo (56K) Photo 2 (56K) 125.00
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