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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3324 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH 1847 (April 27) UK Lettersheet - (4d) entire with double circled "Paid AP 27 1847" cancel in red and "4" indicated twice on the front in script. Interesting contents. Photo (20K) 75.00
3325 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Aden: 1937/1959 - Selected singles in mint VF condition #1-9 (part OG), along with complete sets #36-46 and #48-61A (LH). Scott 2018 $361.70 Photo (39K) 125.00
3326 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Aitutaki: 1903/1974 - Collection of a couple hundred mostly used, neatly displayed on Scott two post album pages. Includes a nice group of earlier issues and a good selection of sets and part sets from the 1970s. 100.00
3327 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Antigua 1867-1918 Collection - Displayed on three quadrille pages with 23 different stamps in black mounts. Begins with three better early classics in sound unused (no gum) condition (Scott #3 with sideways watermark, #6 and #8), remaining stamps are sound mint OG, plus a block of four of Scott #18. Scott 2018 US$1,023. Photo (30K) Photo 2 (30K) F-VF 200.00
3328 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Antigua and Redonda in Sheets of 50 - 1978 QEII and Prince Philip set of 5 gutter sheets of 50 (2 panes of 25). Scott #508-512 set of 5 (10-$2.50) with 'REDONDA' overprinted in black ink at left. 2018 cat. value $65. VF NH 30.00
3329 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Antigua: 1873/1965 - Neatly displayed on two post album pages by year of issue, showing nice value and CDS cancels. Small selection of approx. 60 different, mostly used, overall fine condition with 2018 Scott cat. value of $522.50 F-VF 275.00
3330 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Antigua: 1953/1988 - Starter lot with 38 different used from Scott #107 to 1147. F-VF 40.00
3331 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Antigua: 1935/1978 - In addition to five pre-QEII sets, there are over 50 different complete sets, giving a strong degree completion for the period. Many of the later issues are NH. 2018 Scott $302.40 Photo (42K) VF LH 125.00
3332 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans - Several key sets are included: Ascension #23-32, 40, 42-49, 62-64, Christmas Island #22-33, Cyprus #183-197, Falkland Islands #84-96, 128-142, Dependencies #1L19-1L33, Gilbert & Ellice #8-25, 14a, Labuan #J4, Mauritius #32, 79, 91-111, St. Helena #115-130, 136-138, Samoa #9d, 10-19e, 23a, Seychelles #173-190, Tonga #29-32, 50, 52, and Tristan Da Cunha #42-54. Indispensable group with at least 325 different from 22 countries, neatly sorted on plastic stock pages in LH and sometimes NH condition. Photo (38K) 975.00
3333 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia Mint Collection - Stockbook containing hundreds of stamps, looks to have been bought as new issues and appears to be all VF NH, runs mainly from 1970s to mid 1990s with a few earlier and includes regulars, commems, high values, sheetlets, booklets, etc. 1400.0
3334 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia (Victoria) Swine Duty - 1928 2 blue Stamp Duty with "SWINE" overprint (Barefoot #14 35) F-VF 40.00
3335 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia (South) Stamp Duty: 1915 - Provisional Surcharge "Two Pence" on 1d yellow-brown (Barefoot 20) VF 30.00
3336 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia (Victoria): Two Barred Oval Ring Cancels - of 1/V (Melbourne) and 2/V Geelong on Scott #7 and 14 - both cut in. 100.00
3337 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 1913 OS "Perfins" - Lot of three: OA2, OA3 and OA10 (1p, 2p and 1sh) with large OS Perfin, see Scott Classic Specialized F-VF 50.00
3338 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: Gutter Pairs - mint NH, 76 different from the early 1980s. They are: Scott #825-838, 842-847, 863-871, 882-884, 889, 922-925, 927-941, 949-957, 962, and 967-982, safely housed in glassine. VF NH 118.30
3339 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 1996 Portfolio - Limited edition (only 3,000 produced) showcases the $5 note and the Queens Birthday gutter strip of 10, celebrating 30 years of decimal currency. VF NH 60.00
3340 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 1984/85 Strips and Pairs - Scott #890-891 in sheet of 20 pairs, #892a-e in gutter sheet of 10 strips of five, and #942a in sheet of 20 pairs. VF NH 125.00
3341 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 1996 AFL Portfolio - Featuring complete set of sixteen different complete booklets (10x45c) of self-adhesive stamps celebrating the centenary of the Australian Football League. Condition is excellent, in original packaging. VF NH 224.00
3342 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: Bicentennial Collection - Slipcase containing 4 different display booklets: The First Australians, The First Fleet, Navigators-Shipwrecks and Botany Bay, all stamps in sets, souvenir sheets and strips are housed in VF NH condition in folders. 60.00
3343 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 1992 Strips - Threatened Species series, dealers small lot of ten strips of six, Scott #1246d-e self-adhesive stamps. 75.00
3344 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: Complete Booklets 1990s - Small group of eleven different booklets, noted Christmas #1231a, 1392a, 1475a, 1570a, 1629a. Life Saving #1366b. Creatures of the Night #1624a. Pets #1565a and others as 1248a, 1293a and 1369b. 2018 Scott catalogue $209.50 VF NH 125.00
3345 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: First Day Covers1970s/1990s - Safely housed in three sheet files, an important contribution of covers, smaller to oversize, most are colour cacheted with matching theme and franking mostly of complete sets, souvenir sheets, strips and pairs as well as singles. An estimated group of 200 different, unaddressed and 20 addressed covers (dated earlier). Photo (26K) 200.00
3346 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: the early years - 20 postcards - in form of large booklet, each page displaying four black and white picture postcards of early Australian post, numbered #1-20 of Series #1, first published in 1995. Lot also includes 2 oversize Postage Prepaid Envelopes (not to exceed 500 grams) and 2 oversize matching FDCs, unaddressed, dated 1993 & 1995. VF 50.00
3347 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia:1913/1994 - Collection in mounts on quadrilled pages housed in a three ring binder. Consists of a mix of mint and used pre-1945 and mint (hinged earlier) thereafter NH. Strong degree of completion, consisting of most stamps of the indicated period. Noted strips, blocks and a few mini-sheets. Photo (32K) Photo 2 (32K) Photo 3 (48K) 450.00
3348 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Australia: 1985 Yearbook - highlighting the 43 VF NH different singles, strips and souvenir sheet of 1985, all in mounts in hard cover collection book with case. Accompanied by beautiful photography and details of each issue. Photo (44K) Photo 2 (44K) Photo 3 (36K) VF NH 60.00
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