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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3463 AUSTRALIA 18 6p Lake Brown fresh mint, Photo (40K) F-VF LH 115.00
3464 AUSTRALIA 30var. 3p King George V with reverse offset variety, Photo (25K) F-VF NH 150.00
3465 AUSTRALIA 68var. 1p Rose Red with strong complete reverse offset variety, rare, (ACSC#92ce), Photo (30K) F-VF NH 1000.0
3466 AUSTRALIA 128 1 Gray, an attractive used single, Photo (34K) VF 375.00
3467 AUSTRALIA 399var. 5 Dark Blue corner margin strip of five with diagonal reverse offset error, a nice item, Photo (66K) VF NH 200.00
3468 AUSTRALIA 401A, var 6 Orange corner margin pair with reverse offset variety of top half of stamps, unusual, Photo (28K) VF NH 150.00
3469 AUSTRALIA 562var. 10 Sapphire (SG#552ad) printed on gum side error, Photo (27K) VF NH 60.00
3470 AUSTRALIA 575, 577, 579 var 1977-81 $2, $5, $10 Paintings presentation pack with three high values overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red. VF NH 50.00
3471 AUSTRALIA 582 7 Christmas, the scarce printed on gum side error (SG#554ab) Photo (46K) VF NH 90.00
3472 AUSTRALIA 608var. 10 Road Safety printed on gum side error, (SG#586a) Photo (33K) VF NH 60.00
3473 AUSTRALIA 613 10 Lyons with scarce printed on gum side error, (SG#591a) Photo (30K) F-VF NH 100.00
3474 AUSTRALIA 862a, var (SG#879ab)27 Ships se-tenant pair with printed on hum side error, right stamp with faint toning, Photo (27K) VF NH 125.00
3475 AUSTRALIA C2-C3 6p Gray Violet and 6p Olive Brown airmails, VF NH 46.50
3476 AUSTRALIA O1-O5 First five official overprints used, Photo (38K) VF 254.00
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